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13 Importance of Ocean Conservation

by Fitri Bukhairah

The ocean is natural resources which provide influential biodiversity in this life. Ocean serves many benefits for human life. Unfortunately, the ocean is threatened to lose their ability providing the benefits that human need due to several problems including beset by habitat destruction, overfishing and pollution. This needs to be prevented. So, that’s why we should keep ocean conservation.

Ocean conservation can be done by limiting human-caused damage to the marine ecosystem, restoring the marine ecosystem, prevention of marine pollution and preserving all of the marine lives. Moreover, the importance of ocean conservation include several aspects as below:

  1. Preserving the Marine Ecosystem

As known that the earth is the most covered by the ocean which is range 70%. So, among the other ecosystems on this planet, the marine ecosystem is the most prevalent. The marine ecosystem includes all of the living and non-living thing in the ocean environment.

The sustainability of the marine ecosystem also influence the other ecosystems because all of the ecosystems are related to each other. Therefore, we should preserve the marine ecosystem by performing the ocean conservation. Since the goal of the ocean conversation is to guarantee the preserving of the marine ecosystem.

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2. Protecting the Marine Animals

One of the deeds that threaten the sustainability of marine animals in the ocean is overfishing done by the human. Even though, the marine animals should be protected because they take an important role not only in the ocean but also in the land. Almost all of the marine animals are beneficial for life, such as fishes that become the source of food and protein substance needed by humans.

Therefore, the action of ocean conservation must be done because it is able to protect the sustainability of marine animals in the ocean.

3. Protecting the Coral Reefs

Coral reefs bring the important role in the marine ecosystem. As for one of the functions of coral reefs is used as habitat for marine animals. Besides that, coral reefs are also utilized to protect the shore from abrasion. That’s why the coral reefs are the one part of the marine ecosystem that is needed to be protected. Unfortunately, the coral reefs are vulnerable to damage due to human actions catching fishes by bombing.

In order to protect the coral reefs, then the ocean conservation must be done. One of the actions of ocean conservation is to stop the marine exploitation, including fishing with bombs.

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4. Increasing the Production of Natural Resource

The ocean is one of the places which provides a lot of natural resource for human life. Through ocean conservation, the marine ecosystem will be preserved. Therefore, it may increase the production of natural resource in the ocean which is beneficial for the other ecosystem on the planet.

5. Maintaining the quality of Water Ocean

The ocean conservation is able to maintain the quality of ocean water because it will prevent all the causes of pollution that may occur in the ocean. As known that the pollution occurs due to several factors such as industrial waste and etc. which is able to influence the quality of water in the ocean. If the water ocean is tainted, then the sustainability of marine ecosystem is also threatened.

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6. Protecting Algae

Algae take an important role in the ocean and also on this planet. One of the most contributions of algae is providing oxygen. The ability of algae as the oxygen supplier will remind us of the importance of algae in the ocean. So that, algae must be protected and it can be performed through the ocean conservation.

7. Protecting the Marine Grass

Importance of marine grass also brings the undeniable reason, which one of them is to stabilize the current of the wave from the bottom of the ocean. The marine grass can be damaged by several things such as pollution and other harmful activities done by the human. So, in order to prevent the damage of the marine grass, the ocean conservation must be performed.

8. Preventing Abrasion 

Abrasion is the coastal erosion due to destructive of sea waves. Then, the part of the marine ecosystem which functions to prevent the abrasion is coral reefs and the marine grass. As what have explained before, the ocean conservation can protect the coral reefs and the marine grass. Then indirectly, the ocean conservation is able to prevent the abrasion. Besides that, the action of ocean conservation includes cultivation of mangrove which is really effective to obstruct the abrasion.

9. Improve the Economy of Fisherman

The quality of the ocean which is well maintained can be more productive. It gives potential to improve the economic of fisherman who rely on the natural resource of the ocean as the source of their income.

10.  Maintain the Beauty of the Sea

The importance of ocean conservation is to maintain the beauty of the sea. As you know that the sea becomes one of the object attraction favored by most of people. The beauty of the sea that can be explored include the panorama and also underwater scenery.

11. Prevent the Damage in the Ocean

The damage which occurs in the ocean will bring negative effects for all of the ecosystem on this planet. Therefore, an effort of ocean conservation is able to keep the ocean away from any damage.

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12. Medical Importance

There are a lot of natural resources of the ocean which can be utilized as the material of medicine. The important role that is played by marine ecosystem in producing medicine include marine animals such as soft coral, crabs, sponge and micro-algae.

13. Beauty Product Importance

Besides medicine, one of the natural resources that the ocean provides is the natural ingredient in producing beauty products such as pearl, algae, coral reefs, and etc.

Well, that’s the importance of ocean conservation that you should know. I hope this article will be beneficial to all of us. Thanks for reading guys!

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