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15 Effects of Ocean Pollution on Human Health Which Need to Be Noticed

by Ayu Mesdya

15 effects of ocean pollution on human healthHere we go again in the deepoceanfacts.com, #1 underwater studies & laboratory site. If deepoceanfacts.com has discussed some articles like impacts of ocean dumping, facts about ocean volcanoes, and effects of pollution on coral reefs, in this occasion, deepoceanfacts.com will talk about the effects of pollution on the ocean toward human health. But before we start it, don’t forget to read another deepoceanfacts.com article like effects of ocean pollution on tourism & impacts of oil spills in oceans.

Basically, ocean pollution actually occurs on the land ground. Both plastic and organic waste are both the most polluting contaminants. They are contaminating the oceans. However, do you know what is the biggest source of pollution on the land ground? It is soil. Soil mixed with oil, dirt, pesticides are some sources of pollution that can add pollution in the oceans. Now, every year ocean pollution is growing fast, the effects of this ocean pollution are not only making marine life is dying. It also has serious consequences, especially on human health. Below here are 15 effects of ocean pollution on human health which need to be noticed. Let’s check these out.

  1. A result of the burn of fossil

    Fossil is still used by humans as the main energy source. This makes humans become dependent on this fuel. How come? Almost all technology made by humans uses fossil fuels. Motorboats, speed boats to ships (passengers) are still using fossil fuels. In fact, the result of this fossil burning resulted in a bad impact on the environment, air pollution. Carbon monoxide gas is one of the compounds produced from fossil burning. This gas is very harmful to human health. It is able to block the transport of oxygen to the lungs throughout the body. Humans can have a problem in seeing, breathing, headaches, until it can faint.

  2. The number of construction development in the coastal area

    The number of developments undertaken in coastal areas in order to build recreational facilities can also cause ocean pollution. Construction in a hotel, for examples, dust, wood powder, to asbestos powder carried by air can cause adverse effects to human health. These powder particles contain toxic which mixed with air. It can lead to pneumonia, lung cancer until mental retardation in children.

  3. The number of people who still like to smoke

    Smoking is a habit of some people (the majority of men) are difficult to be released when it is known that smoking is a habit that can be bad, especially for human health itself. The smoke contains a variety of highly harmful substances such as nicotine, Tar, and CO gas. Cigarette smoke, when it is mixed with air then this will become air pollution which it can cause respiratory problems, heart disease, to lung cancer. Cigarette smoke has many bad effects on human health and also it has the same effect on other living things.

  4. The harsh sound produced by cruise ships

    The harsh sound on the horn produced by cruise ships is one of the air pollutants. Noise in the oceans will have a direct impact, especially on marine mammals that exist in the oceans. Is noise perhaps a simple thing? But you should know this, noise can be bad for human health. Sound power exceeds 50 dB in the ear, this can cause hearing organ damage, deafness, headaches until it can cause psychological pressure. Of course, this is also felt by marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, and sharks. This is so, terrible

  5. Acid rain on the ocean

    Acid rain is one form of air pollution. The cause of this acid rain is caused by air pollutant substances that meet each other and it will form acid gases in the air. Acid gas mixed with water is what makes acid rain occur. Air pollutant substances that become acid rain forming factors, among others; carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide. The impact of acid rain on the ocean could lead to a decrease in water quality in the oceans and, it can even cause coral reefs bleaching. Besides, the impact of acid rain on human health it can cause a respiratory problem, a water will be polluted by metal. When humans drink this water, this will be very dangerous for human health.

  6. The danger of global warming

    As is commonly seen, many buildings in urban areas use glass as a construction material. We know that the greenhouse effect can lead to an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide. The increase in this gas to the atmosphere that causes global warming. Every year the earth’s temperature increases due to extreme climate change on earth. The impacts are not only affecting humans but also affects all living things on earth. Increasing the spread of infectious diseases is one effect of global warming. Infectious diseases can be caused by harmful bacteria such as Anthrax, cholera, Aedes Aegypty or Culex mosquitoes carrying the Zika or Culex virus, and Lyme disease that can cause human fatigue, fever, and complications of the nervous system.

  7. See the river around you

    Try to see the state of the river around us, maybe as much as 95 percent of the state of river water is polluted now, it is due to water pollution. This polluted water will eventually lead to the ocean as well. As a result, many species of fish die because of lack of oxygen, this is because they are exposed to toxins directly by harmful substances carried by the river that has been contaminated by pollution. The same bad effects will occur in humans. The polluted river is a breeding ground for microorganisms. This can cause various infectious diseases. Examples such as; diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, hepatitis A, and so on. Rivers polluted by various harmful substances such as mercury and lead if continued to be consumed by humans, especially pregnant women, it can cause a miscarriage and the baby can be born prematurely.

    [15 Effects of Ocean Pollution on Human Health Which Need to Be Noticed]

  8. Factory waste is deliberately thrown into the ocean

    Several factory wastes are known to throw away their wastes indiscriminately, this will certainly result in pollution, especially in water. Liquid waste that is intentionally discharged either through rivers or ocean is very dangerous. The harmful substances contained in this factory waste will lead to an increase in mortality, especially in fishes, coral reefs, until the change food chain. Factory waste that is dumped into the ocean, it is not impossible if humans can also consume fish that are exposed to this wastewater. If the fish is contaminated by this waste, and it will be consumed by humans every day. The humans may have some disease like; diarrhea, skin diseases until cancer.

  9. A decrease in water quality

    The number of people who throw garbage carelessly leads to a decrease in water quality. This water quality decline can be seen from the color, odor, and taste of water that changes and is very different from the quality of water (clear). Contaminated water cannot be used for human needs, such as drinking water and cleaning tools. Contaminated water contains hazardous substances and can adversely affect human health such as diarrhea, hepatitis A to poisoning. The decline in water quality can also bring huge losses. Fishermen will lose their jobs due to declining fish populations. This is because the ecosystems in the oceans are no longer in balance.

  10. The tanker crash on the ocean

    When a tanker crashes and oil spills goes on the ocean. It is very dangerous for the environment and living things that live in the ocean and environment. Oil that spills on the ocean will float and it causes the ocean water is dark (black). This oil spill will also inhibit and damage phytoplankton which is the main food for small fish and shrimp. Oil spills can also be consumed by marine biota and it can cause death. The impact of this oil spill also affects human health such as it can make skin and eyes irritation, respiratory problems, to stress due to the tanker crashes.

  11. A landfill full of waste

    A landfill can trigger a variety of pollution impacts. How it come? All types of garbage are here, organic waste until liquid waste. Wastes that accumulate in a long time can cause methane gas and it can poison the soil. This methane gas is an odorous gas and can interfere with human health. When humans breathe this gas the first thing to be felt is breathing problem, a headache which can cause dehydration, and it causes weak of our motor function.

  12. The number of farmers who still use chemical pesticides

    Pesticides are a substance that is usually sprayed on plants that are attacked by pests and diseases. Pesticides here are classified into two organic and chemical. The use of chemical pesticides continuously will certainly have a negative impact both on human health, the environment, and living things. Chemical pesticide substances can enter the human body through three ways, inhaled through the respiratory organs, skin contact and accidentally drink or eaten. If this happens then people will experience poisoning. This disease begins with a headache, nausea, vomiting until diarrhea. Soil polluted by pesticides can also affect of water quality until it ends in the ocean. Of course, similar things will happen to these marine biota affected by this pollution.

  13. Community awareness

    How to protect the environment so that people can deal with the effects of this pollution? In here, the most important thing begins with the human awareness itself. Some of the community groups generate public awareness by campaigning. They give counseling about the bad impact of pollution on human health. Unfortunately, this campaign is usually only done on special days just like on the world’s environmental day in every June 8. With the existence of world environmental day, the society can be aware of pollution threat. Like the use of plastics, people now have to be wiser again in use of this.

  14. Recycle waste

    Another effort we can do is to recycle waste. Plastic waste is one type of waste that can not be decomposed. We can use this plastic waste to be a more useful item. Plastic garbage collected can be made into several handicraft items such as shopping bags, curtains, tissue boxes, piggy bank until home decoration (plastic flowers). This is an effective way to reduce our existing plastic waste. In fact, some people use plastic waste to become a source of energy in the future. Of course, by recycling this plastic waste, the environment around will balance and it can have a positive impact especially on human health.

  15. Creating renewable energy

    Now, some of the big countries like in Europe and America use solar energy as an alternative energy. This is done to reduce the use of fossil fuels. In other countries, such as in Indonesia are famous for its palm tree. They are creating a new energy source from palm tree waste. The new energy source of this palm tree waste is named bioethanol. Bioethanol can be used as a mixture of oil fuel in motor vehicles. This can improve combustion efficiency and it can reduce air pollution.

Hopefully, the 15 effects of ocean pollution on human health which need to be noticed above can be useful for us. With these, we can know what it can happen to our health if pollution around of us. We must keep our oceans as well as possible. Loves ocean like you loves yourself.


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