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12 Effects of Ocean Acidification On Macroalga Communities

by Vania

Macroalga is plants that do not have vessels, which is grow attached to the substrate on the bottom of the sea. This plants do not have the want, the rod, the leaf, fruit and even no seeds. This plants as you can see, can found on the bottom of the sea.

This is why much people who loves the sea, make a macroalga communities to protect them from extinction.

Macroalga communities also can make a product by using it – because of macroalga have a high economic value, whic is can help economy of the country.

But, what if in this world, ocean acidification happen to us and to marine animals? Especially to macroalga and to macroalga communities? So, here a few effects of ocean acidification on Macroalga communities

1. The Extinction of Makroalga

One of effects of ocean acidification on macroalga communities is the extiction. Sure, because when ocean acidificaton happen – most of the water sea or Algae will become extinct. That is because algae is unable to eat, bread, even photosynthetic. If this is happen constantly, no wonder if macroalaga or algae extinct.

If that so, then macroalga communities will hard to find them, or maybe have to get macroalga in the sea that is not contaminated of acidification and far to reach. It will make the communities feels hard – because not only the ocean, they will loose the main compsitions to make a algae product.

2. Macroalaga will be hard to move

If ocean acidification happen, then macroalga will lost its place to live. Even if the acidifiction contaminating the whole sea, every algae will loose its home.

But the algae alson can not move to the other place because of acidification – every place will be the same, algae will hard to find the sun’s light. It is because the algae live in the bottom of the sea.

Also, can be hard for macroalga communities that have to face the acidification, which is make the algae hard to breed. If that so, then the communities will not produce any thing from algae that contaminated by acid and also they will lost objects from the community.

3. Contaminating the bottom of the sea

Why is that so? Because of algae lives i the bottom of the sea. Most algae living in a fairly sturdy hard objects and the other algae attached to the substrate on the bottom of the sea. So, if the acidification has been contaminating the macroalga, it is mean that the whole sea are contaminated.

This is will bad because, not only the macroalaga, but also the fish, starfish, and the other marine animals will affected by acidification.

The macroalaga communities also effected, because they will not get a fresh algae or can not get a fresh food from the sea. Especially for human society that  will be easy to get sick because of acidification.

4. Macroalga will be hard for photosynthetic

As has been explained, macroalga or algae need the sun’s light to photosynthetic. Then if ways ocean affects weather acidification happen to the sea, it will make macroalga hard to find the sun and can not get the light well for photosynthetic.

If macroalga or algae can not photosynthetic and can not grow well, it will affected to macroalga communities that can get a good algae for the product or for some research.

Also macroalga have a high economic value, it will make the economic of the communities or the country experienced decreased. So, the communities should take care the macroalga and protect them well to let macroalga can photosynthetic and grow well.

5. Macroalga communities will loose the objects of the product.

Macroalga communities, sometimes making products from algae. It can be a food, a science, or an ornamnental objects to take the profit from it.

But, when ocean acidification contaminating the sea where macroalga lives, the communities will loose the main composition – as has been explained. If that so, not only macroalga will extinct but also the communities will endangered close.

They can not do the cultivation anymore if they don’t have macroalga. Or if they have, it will be  not the same as before the acidification happen – when macroalga or algae still fresh and beautiful.

And macroalga communities can not make a good products anymore, also the level of economy will decline.

6. Diving activities which hampered

Another effects of ocean acidification is affects to diving activities. When ocean contaminated by acidification, people who join in the macroalga communities are not able to dive to the bottom of the sea for taking the algae.

Because the sea is full of carbon dioxide that is dangerous not only for animals in the sea but also for humans.

Like in the land, human society can get sick easily because of pollutions and carbon dioxide. When people exposed to carbon dioxide on the land and the sea – they will be more easy for pain and damage to the organs of our body.

So, not only the animals in the sea, when human dive to the bottom of the sea – they will get more carbon dioxide even while their nose are closed and have a oxygen tubes.

Not only that, there are more effects that you have to know when causes of increase of ocean temperature acidifiation happen and contaminating the sea and the human society, below:

  • Macroalga will lose the economic value
  • Reduced production of decorative objects.
  • marine habitats are less because of algae is the largest at sea than the plants on the land.
  • The scarcity of algae and impact on the economy of the macroalga community.
  • Productivity of macroalga communities are declining.
  • Not only for the sea, member of the community also feel the effects of pollution on coral reefs 2 times more.

So that are 12 effects of ocean acidification on macroalga communities that you should know and protect the marine animals, especially algae to  make a beuatiful sea. Also, for macroalga communities to make a good plan for protect algae from acidification so the community will not loose it. Hope that this article will useful.

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