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17 Ways How to Reduce Global Warming Effects in Ocean

by Stephanie

Global warming in ocean levels become one from many problem that need to be solved. Since the ocean hold an important role for the last of all living beings, surely the impact of global warming on the ocean need to be  fixed as soon as possible.

The global warming may lead many animal and plants species in the ocean to death. Without the other animals and plants surely human can’t live. So here I would like to share you with about some ways or actions on how to reduce global warming effects in ocean.

1. Cleaning the ocean from garbage

W are all know that plastic and another garbage may create a harmful effect towards our environment. This has become one from many threats to ocean ecosystems. Even though it seems impossible to clean up and take all the garbage in the ocean but at least with cleaning up the ocean, the amount of garbage can be less then it used to be.

2. Making a regulation to not throw the garbage to the ocean

In order to decrease the ocean pollution that has been caused by human, government made several rules and regulation that banned people to not throw the garbage to the ocean. But it seems like the existence of these regulation is not that strict because you can see in many places lots of garbage still exist in the coast. People actually already knew the impact that might occur as the causes of plastic pollution in the ocean, but since they haven’t experience the impact yet, they tend to ignore.

3. Banning fishing with trawl 

Trawl can catch lots of marine creatures starts from the smallest one until the bigger one. Somehow you already knew that the nonexistence of one species can make the whole ecosystem become unbalance. This unbalance ecosystem will just make the effect of global warming become worse. Keeping the amount of fish in the ecosystem by only catch the fish that is proper to catch based on their size and age can be one of the alternatives.

4. Banning fishing with bomb

Another way on how to reduce global warming effects in ocean besides banning the fishing activities with trawl is by banning the fishing activities with bomb. Bomb is not only making the global warming in ocean become worse but it also can destroy anything including the live of marine creatures and marine habitat.

5. Banning overfishing and make the regulation stricter 

Overfishing in the ocean has become the main problem in Indonesia for at least these past few years. Our minister of fishery does take a brave action to fix this problem. And you see that the new regulations comes from our new minister of fishery gives a good impact where the number of illegal fisherman from another country is declining. This can be a good way and solutions to stop overfishing in order to keep the balance in the ecosystem and reducing the impact of global warming.

6. Protecting some marine area

I can see that there are some countries that has some marine protected areas such as Indonesia and Australia as an example. This action of protecting some marine area can help the ocean to recover from the effect of global warming. The existence of plant in these protected area can support another living since it produce food and oxygen.

The oxygen produce by the plant also can help to make the temperature in balance. This will decrease the effect of global warming and protecting many creatures.

7. Doing under water reforestation 

Reforestation can be done anywhere including beneath the ocean. The reforestation be done beneath the ocean can help the ocean environment to be in balance. The balance that has been broken by some human act of destroying the ocean environment for their own benefits. This can also help many marine creature to get their habitats back.

8. Planting coral reef

The huge effects of coral reefs destruction can be fixed if people have the willingness to plant the coral reef back to the ocean. People can also plant the artificial coral reef to get the benefits due to the importance of artificial coral reefs in ocean. Since coral reef also has a big role toward the last of marine creature’s live it will be better to take a good care of it. This also become a way on how to reduce global warming effects in ocean.

9. Reforestation in the land

Not only in the ocean, since every ecosystem on earth is connected to one and another we can also do the reforestation in the land. The more tree we have the less pollution it will be. Tree with its amazing ability use the carbon dioxide to help them producing food and oxygen. So, with more tree the effect of global warming can be pushed to be less then it used to be.

10. Processing the waste before throwing it to the ocean 

More people that have a business that is producing waste need to know on how to treat oil spills in the ocean and or the toxic waste that came out from their industry. This is because the effects of chemical spills in the ocean threatening the marine’s live. When the problem of the waste is not be fixed sooner then any plants will die. Plants has become the one of the main factors of many lives including our lives.

11. Rechecking the ship machine

Rechecking the ship machine is also one of the most important thing that should be done by people. People used to lack the attentions towards little detail such as rechecking the ship’s machine before they experience a big problem. This thing should be changed because when there is a spill coming from the ship it can harm many lives.

12. Reducing the use of AC

You do know that the global warming become worse when the ozone layer is getting thicker or even exist a hole in the ozone layer. One of the cause of this, is because of the CFC gas coming from the AC. The more people use AC, the more CFC gas will be released to the open air can creating a hole in the ozone layer. If we are trying to reduce or limiting the use of AC this can become one of many ways on how to reduce global warming effects in ocean.

13. Using public transportation more often

Vehicle creates carbon monoxide where it becomes a pollution that is polluting the air and increasing the global warming condition. To reduce the amount of pollution from the vehicle, I think it will be better for people to use public transportation where one transportation can carry many people, it will be more efficient.

14. Ocean area monitoring

Not only he protected area but the other ocean area also need monitoring. This monitoring will help us to know what kind of ocean animals or plants species that get the bad impact of global warming and fix it sooner.

15. Using the non-CFC product

The development of technology brings us new things and most of them now is made to be an environmental friendly products. In order to save our earth, it will be better for us to choose a non-CFC product even though the price is quite expensive compare to the usual product.

16. Supporting the environmental friendly community or movement

Supporting the environmental friendly community or movement can also be the way on how to reduce global warming effects in ocean. We can donate some amount of money to help them or just share the articles about environment to our friends as one of the support.

17. Replace your one time packaging

The existence of Tupperware can help to reduce the amount of plastic packaging waste each day. So, it will be better to replace the plastic with Tupperware.

So those are some ways or actions that can be done on how to reduce global warming effects in ocean. I hope after reading this article you can at least have more awareness towards the environment. And it will be better for sure if you can also apply some ways that I have stated before. Thank you for your loyalty by being our reader and follower. Hopefully our article can help you to know more on the deep ocean ecosystems.

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