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15 Ways How to Prevent Ocean Dumping

by Stephanie

Ocean dumping is a condition where people throwing the garbage or any kind of waste to the sea or open ocean deliberately. Somehow this kind of act can also create water pollution and also soil pollution in the ocean and sea floor. And as you all know that any kind of pollution may create a harmful effect towards the environment.

Even though there are a lot of effects of ocean pollution on human life but many people still do not want to care to the environment since they have not experience the effect themselves. Some effect that has been caused by pollution are economic effects of ocean pollution and also social effects of ocean pollution.

Well, I think you can guess that the most or the biggest factor that may cause ocean dumping is the lack of people awareness. In this article I would like to share you with some information on how to prevent ocean dumping.

1. Educating the people

Actually the biggest cause of ocean dumping is the lack of people awareness toward the ocean ecosystem. People tend to not care to the environment as long as their lives are still okay. Somehow due to this issue I think it will be better to increase the people awareness by educating the people on what kind of negative impact that might occur if the dumping is still exist. And if this is succeed thenone of many threats to marine biome can be prevented.

2. Make a strict rules

One of the importance of marine fisheries management is to prevent any kind of negative impact that might occur later. Making a strict rules is one kind of management that can be applied. These rules will help us to prevent the ocean dumping. By then, people will be more careful before they do anything that may cause an ocean dumping getting worse.

3. Using environmental friendly products

Ocean environment is one of the environment that affect our lives the most. Somehow, when we do not take a good care of the ocean environment, the environment also can be damaged and give some negative impacts toward our lives. By the time goes by, technology is more advance and there are some environmental friendly products that can be used. In order to save our earth and all environment, it will be better to consider to use the environmental friendly product even more.

4. Supporting the recycling movement 

Another way that can be done on how to prevent ocean dumping is by supporting the recycling movement. In the past few years maybe you can see that there are a lot of people using the used plastic packaging such as from the detergent packaging to make something new such as bag and wallet. This act or movement is a good start to decrease the plastic pollution in our earth. This can be one from many way on how to prevent plastics in the ocean as well.

5. Inspiring people with DIY 

Not so different with the recycling movement, DIY or Do It Yourself is a new trend on internet that you can find till today. These inspiring people who do DIY help another people to create something useful from a used materials. This trend can help another people to change their way of thinking to be more creative where they can create something new from the used materials rather than throw it away.

6. Processing the waste before it goes to the ocean

There are so many factories that create waste after they produce something. And most of the factory will surely throw the waste to the river near their factory or directly to the ocean. Since the waste contains dangerous chemical substance and the texture can be in any kind of form like maybe it is dense and sticky, the factories need to know on how to treat oil spills in the ocean correctly. This act is done to prevent the ocean dumping getting worse.

7. Continuously hold a clean up event

An event can be another alternatives to make the people aware on ocean dumping. There are some environmental that creates some clean up event. In this event the organizers will ask the people to collect the trash around their walk route. This kind of event can be a great way too to increase the people awareness since they will see the before and after the clean up themselves.

8. Create a standard for a ship that wants to sail

The effects of chemical spills in the ocean is serious and huge. Many marine habitat can be destroy and many marine living beings can die because of the toxic spills. Somehow, of course there is no ship that is directly pour their oil to the ocean. Most cases of oil spills is that the condition of the ship’s machine that is damaged and no one realize that. Because of this, it will be better if there is a standard for a ship that wants to sail. So the ships must fulfill the requirements including the machine status before it sails.

9. Mining company should take a responsibility due to the mining activities

Mining can create a huge negative impact to if during the mining activities the activities is not well prepared. This is because mining activities will dig down beneath the ocean floor. Government should make sure that all mining companies take a full responsibility towards the impact to the environment that might happened. A huge responsibility must be taken by the mining companies since mining activities can create some effects of ocean exploration.

10. Giving a heavy sanction for those who throw a garbage to the ocean or sea

A heavy sanction towards those who are throwing a garbage to the ocean is one of the alternatives that can be done. People will think twice when it comes the money as the sanction. Why money? Since money is one essential thing that can be used for many things, it has becomes one of the most important thing in human lives. That is why, by taking away some amount of money which is an important thing for people, people will be more aware and deterrent.

11. Creating a strict rules before enter the beach area

Creating a strict rules for the visitors of the sea or ocean can also be applied. Just like in some protected areas, visitors are asked about how many plastic bags or packaging that they have brought. Before they leave the area, they need to report back to the beach officers. The amount of plastic bags and or packaging and also any other things that have a potential to be a garbage should be the same just like before they enter the beach area.

12. Prepare some trash can 

As a visitor, me my self actually find it hard to find the trash can around the beach area. I think to prepare some trash can around the beach area can be a way on how to prevent ocean dumping for the visitors.

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13. Preparing the cleaning service officer

What is wrong about the recreation system in the beach is that most of the beach is that it does not have the cleaning service officers. Where these people can clean up the beach after the visit hour is over.

14. Creating a free residential areas 

Since water is one of the most important thing to support our lives, no wonder that many living beings live on the edge of river or another water spring. But somehow the existence of residential areas may create more pollution since people can throw garbage to the river and it will go to the ocean and create a water pollution.

15. Water distribution system

Last one on how to prevent ocean dumping is that we can create a better water distribution system. With a better system I think there will be less resident on the edge of the river and the amount of dumping can also be decreased.

So those are some things on how to prevent ocean dumping. Hopefully this article can help you to know more about some action that can be done in order to decrease the ocean dumping. And also increasing your knowledge to know more about the ocean ecosystem.

Thank you for being our loyal reader and followers. By doing so, it also means that you are care and aware towards the deep ocean ecosystems balance.

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