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10 Deepest Seas in the World and the Secret behind Them

by Widiya

The oceans in the world and various types of sea in this world tend to have a very large size, as well as different depths.

If we look at the globe image or map, then we will find several different colors in the blue color. The blue color on the map and on the globe symbolizes the waters.

The color of blue on the map or on the globe consists of two types of shade; light blue and dark blue. The light blue color describes the sea with a certain depth and the darker one illustrates that the sea has more depth than the others. Read more about Causes of Subsurface Ocean Currents 

These different blue colors illustrate that some of the world’s seas fall into the very deep ocean category.

In this article, we will learn about some of the deepest seas in the world that have extraordinary depth.

The depth of these oceans has been studied by scientists before, so that we will know how deep the sea is. Some of the seas that fall into the deepest seas category in the world include:

1.      The Pacific Ocean

Unless you have been living under the rock, you must have heard one or two things about Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is often mentioned in geography at school.

Why? Apparently it is because Pacific Ocean is one of the largest oceans in the world. The Pacific Ocean is an ocean of which the area reaches approximately 1/3 the surface of the Earth, approximately 179.7 million square kilometers. Read more about Plants in The Pacific Ocean List

As the most extensive ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean has many very important roles for the lives of humans and also other living things on Earth. Besides being the most extensive ocean, the Pacific Ocean is also the deepest ocean on Earth.

The average depth of the Pacific Ocean is around 3,939 meters. And as the deepest ocean on Earth, the Pacific Ocean certainly has many mysteries that are not widely known to humans.

One of the mysteries possessed by the Pacific Ocean is the existence of the Mariana Trench as the deepest underwater gorge in the world.

The base of the Mariana Trench is also known as the lowest point in the world. Its depth reaches 10,911 meters above the sea level.

The Pacific Ocean is also an ocean that has many undersea mountain chains formed by volcanic centers. This chain of undersea mountains is also known as the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean.

2.      Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is an ocean belonging to the broad oceanic category in the world. The Indian Ocean extends to cover some of the largest continents in the world.

The Indian Ocean is also the warmest ocean in the world, defeating several other oceans in terms of warmth, such as the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The Indian Ocean falls into the category of the deepest ocean in the world and its position is just under the Pacific Ocean. The depth of the Indian Ocean is 3,840 meters on average. Read more about  Water Mass Characteristics of Indian Ocean

If we look at the volume of water in the Indian Ocean, it is safe to say that the Indian Ocean stores about 292.13 thousand cubic kilometers of water volume.

3.      Atlantic Ocean

In the third order of the deepest sea in the world, we will find the existence of the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is closely related to Greek mythology which refers it to “Sea of Atlas”.

As the deepest sea in the world, the Atlantic Ocean has an average depth of 3,575 meters. Besides that, the Atlantic Ocean is also one of the widest oceans in the world where it reaches 1/5 of the Earth’s area.

The area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean reaches 106,400 thousand square kilometers. As a vast and deep ocean, of course the Atlantic Ocean has a big role to play in the survival of living things on Earth. Read more about  Unique Characteristics of Atlantic Ocean

And for more detailed information, the deepest point possessed by the Atlantic Ocean is in the Puerto Rico Trench which reaches a depth of 8,606 meters.

4.      Caribbean Sea

The next category of deepest sea is the Caribbean Sea. When compared with the waters mentioned above, the Caribbean Sea is the narrowest part of the water, because the Caribbean Sea is not included in the oceanic category.

The Caribbean Sea is a tropical ocean located next to the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Caribbean Sea is a special sea. What makes this sea special is the fact that this sea has the largest salinity with an area of ​​2,754,000 square kilometers. Read more about Climate of the Ocean

The Caribbean Sea is the fourth deepest sea in the world that has an average depth of 2,575 meters where the most deep-sea point is called the Cayman Way which has a depth of 7,686 meters.

5.      Japanese Sea

The next rank is the Sea of ​​Japan. The Japanese Sea is a very unique sea. The uniqueness of this sea is that this sea does not have a period of tides like sea in general.

The Japanese Sea is also known as the East Sea. Its average depth is 1,666 meters.

The Japanese Sea has three main parts that make up the sea; the Tsushima Basin, the Yamato Basin, and the Japanese basin. The Japanese Sea is also a sea connected with other seas in the vicinity where this connection is mediated by five straits.

The five straits that connect this sea with the other seas are the Tartary Strait, the La Perouse Strait, the Kanmon Strait, the Tsugaru Strait, and the Korean Strait. Those five straits are shallow strait categories.

6.      The Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico also falls into the deepest sea category in the world. The depth of this Mexican bay reaches an average of 1,614 meters.

The Gulf of Mexico is actually part of the Caribbean Sea which is limited by the Mexican (west) region and the United States (north and west). The Gulf of Mexico is an aquatic region that has seven main parts. Read more about  Causes Of Ocean Heat Content From Global Warming

7.      Mediterranean Sea

The seventh spot is occupied by the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea comes from the Latin “mediterraneus” which means “in the middle of the Earth” or “between the grounds”.

The Mediterranean Sea is a sea that lays between several continents namely the European Continent in the north, the African Continent in the south, and the Asian Continent in the east. The Mediterranean sea has an area that reaches 2.5 million square kilometers.

The Mediterranean Sea is an ocean that has an average depth of 1,501 meters where the deepest point of the sea is in Calypso Deep which has a depth of 5,627 meters.

Because the location of the sea is very strategic (between three continents), the existence of the Mediterranean Sea is very important.

8.      Bering Sea

The Bering Sea is a sea that is part of the Pacific Ocean. Bering Sea has an average depth of 1,491 meters. The name used (i.e. Bering) occurred due to the arrival of Danish ocean explorer Vitus Bering in 1728.

9.      South Tiongkok Sea

It still covers parts of the Pacific Ocean, namely the South Tiongkok Sea. This sea has an average depth of 1,463 meters. It has mountains that are under the sea which are called Reed Banks or Reed Tablemount. Read more about Function of Sea Sponges For Human Society

The South China Sea is a sea area that is rich in small islands. At least, there are around 200 small islands and also coral in this marine area that has been successfully recorded and is noted as the property of the sea.

10.  The Black Sea

The Black Sea is a marine area that has an average depth of 1,190 meters. The Black Sea is a sea that has an area of ​​about 436,400 square kilometers. In examining the Black Sea, this sea is actually the largest meromictic basin in the world. This basin is one of the places where the top layer of water is never mixed.

So, those are some of the seas in the world that fall into the deepest ocean category. Another fun fact for you to digest today, the deepest point which is also the lowest point on Earth is called sea trough. Read more about Types of Atlantic Ocean Crabs

Sea troughs are ravines that are located under the sea, so it is clear that the trough becomes a point in the sea. And between the trenches in the world, the deepest trough is the Mariana Trench.

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