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13 Causes of Subsurface Ocean Currents You Must Know

by Vania

Subsurface ocean currents is the movement of water masses vertically and horizontally so that towards balance, or a very broad movement of water that occurs throughout the oceans of the world. Sometimes the flow below sea level occurred erratically.

When the subsurface ocean currents happen, the diver would be very difficult activity because its pretty dangerous.

In addition, the subsurface ocean currents, better known as ocean currents are extremely dangerous. Then, what is the exact cause of sea level is now a very dangerous? Here are some of the causes of subsurface ocean currents that you need to beware of.

  1. Determination of wind direction

Causes of subsurface ocean currents may occur due to the wind direction. The wind which moves continuously in functions of the carribean sea level can cause the onset of waves or ocean waves.

These same things that will lead to the existence of the movement of sea water flow.

When the movement of the wind settled down to eat the currents below sea level will join arising because of the consistency of the movement.

As for the Wind which causes the onset of flow, i.e. wind, West wind, pasat and monsoon winds (monsoon).

2. The difference in the levels of salt

Subsurface tips for boating in the ocean currents also can be caused by levels of salt sea water.

Why is this so? Levels or weight of different types of sea water can also cause the onset of ocean currents, but the local nature. Sea water with a heavy kind of light will move or flow into the sea water with the weight of its huge.

So, the sea level will also move from the kind of water that is kind of small, are opposites. The thing that is causing the occurrence of ocean currents.

3. Temperature difference

 The temperature of the sea water also apparently can cause the occurrence of tips for ocean conservation currents.

With the influence of sunlight causes the heat went into the sea to a depth of 50 – 70 m with sea water temperature is almost the same so this layer is called a homogeneous layer.

The more reduced the influence of sunlight that goes into the sea, will lead to the formation of a thermocline layer having symptoms decrease temperature quickly.

This is reinforced by the presence of salinity changes or rapid sugar levels anyway, then the resulting layers thick. In this case, there was a raising of the water.

The more down the temperature gradually descends to a depth of 1,000 m and the temperature is usually less than 5 ° c. The existence of such a temperature difference is what causes the occurrence of ocean currents.

4. The difference in tides rise and ebb

The motion of endangered sea otter water as the tide of seawater caused by the motion of the Moon and the Sun towards the Earth.

The moon revolves 24 hours 51 minutes. If other factors are ignored then the location on Earth will experience ups and downs in twice a day.

When the position of the Moon and the Sun are more or less in one straight line with Earth, as at the time of the young Moon or the full moon, then pull both mutual strengthening.

Thus, it will affect the occurrence of tidal waters, and the effect on the occurrence of the underwater currents.

5. High sea level difference

As it turns out, the difference in height of the surface of sea water can menagkibatkan mass movement of ocean water to fill the part of sea water.

It later led to underwater currents, or by other meanings, migratory use of sea water for agriculture from a height onto a lower place, and or vice versa.

Currents arising out of the difference in the surface of the high water levels in the ocean is called the compensation flow or current of the charger.

6. The existence of the barrier island or continent

 The subsurface ocean currents, it can also happen because of obstacles the island or continent. Why is this so?

The existence of the barrier island or continent can cause use of carbon in the ocean currents turn according to the coastline of the continent or hemisphere flow.

The coastline or the continent that created the wave back in the sea water flow or subsurface ocean currents.  It is like the current Brazil in Brazil, and the current Eastern Australia in Australia.

7. The difference of density

What is the density? Density is the amount of substance that is contained in a unit volume of sea water.

This density is usually influenced by salinity, temperature and pressure of sea water.

If seen from the influence that caused the density, the presence of the temperature-and pressure-salt levels, will certainly lead to the occurrence of subsurface causes of hypoxia in ocean currents.

It is caused by temperature change, unbalanced pressure and levels of salt in the ocean are not the same.

In addition to the points above, for some causes of currents below sea level based on species, such as the following:

  • Topography forms the basis of the ocean and surrounding islands.
  •  The presence of up-welling or the phenomenon involving a strong wind currents, cold water, and bring the masses who have the nutrients. and sinking ( wind blowing from North to South following the coastline ).
  • The existence of global warming is causing the levels of salt in sea water turns into acid.
  • The presence of turbulence or movement that occurs at the boundary layers of the sea water, and the presence of friction layer.
  • Oxygen content in low sea can cause currents under the subsurface ocean currents, as well as a temperature higher than sea level.
  • The underwater currents can occur when the occurrence of tsunamis in the vicinity. Undersea movements can create the ocean currents. In addition to the tsunami, the earthquake in the sea or on the edge of the Ocean can affect the occurrence of ocean currents.

Thus, causes of subsurface ocean currents that you must know. This will help you in your research or your personal observations about ocean currents.

In addition to research, the causes of ocean currents above else You need to know to become more vigilant against the return of natural disasters around the sea. Hope this article will useful.

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