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20 Common Uses of Ocean Minerals

by Fitriani

The marine animals and plants inside the oceans provide humans with many benefits. We consume them, conserve them for studies and many other things. However, as the ocean is big body of water, it provides other things that we can put to good use. The ocean actually contains a huge variety of minerals. These are the 20 Uses of Ocean Minerals that you should know. Most of the things that you use or consume in your daily life may contain the minerals.

1. De-icing Roads

When snow fills the roads, it causes the road to become more slippery. It’s a common cause for dangerous vehicle accidents. In order to create safer roads, it’s important to de-ice them. A mineral from the ocean that help in de-icing is sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is mixed with other compounds to remove ice on roads.

2. Treat Cancer

The ocean water contains an abundance of iodine. It is an element that is crucial to humans. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot create it. So we depend on other sources to get this iodine inside our bodies. Seaweed contains many iodines. There are also tablets and medicine that contain iodine to treat cancer. Read more about Characteristics of Seaweeds

3. Anti-corrosion Material

Another mineral from the ocean is zinc. It’s particularly useful in preventing corrosion. Thus, industries use zinc in the process of galvanisation. That is where steel or iron is covered with the zinc. The mineral helps to protect those materials from corroding too much.

4. Magnets

Apparently, magnets is made up of a mineral that is found the ocean. The boron inside a magnet helps it to become stronger. These magnets are used in medical machines such as the MRI. Electronic devices also use the magnets. They include DVDs, CDs and speakers in your phones.

5. Baking Powder

Baking powder helps to make bread look like how they usually do. It improves the quality of the dough and also helps it to rise. So what’s inside the baking powder? It’s potassium, which can be found in the ocean. Potassium is one of the main ingredient that has to be present in baking powder.

6. Pesticide

Farmers rely on pesticide and fungicide. They get rid of unwanted insects or fungus on their crops. Many fruits and vegetables have to be protected from those things so they can grow in the best quality. Sulfur, which can be found in the ocean, is one of the main components of pesticides.

7. Salt

One of the most abundant minerals from the ocean is salt. Salt is extracted from the sea water for people to consume. Salt provides important nutrients for the body. Besides that, people also love to use sea salt as body scrub for exfoliation. Read more about sea salt facts

8. Steel

Manganese is a kind of mineral found in the ocean. They are often found on the floor of the ocean. They lump together and are called as nodules. This particular mineral is frequently used in the production of many varieties of steel.

9. Fertiliser

Fertilisers can also be made from the ocean. An element that is used to produce the fertilisers is called phosphate. It’s also present in the form of nodules on the ocean floor. The fertilisers are used by people to improve the quality of crops.

10. Constructions

The sand inside the ocean is actually made up of various ocean minerals. It is often extracted for various uses. In order to make glass, industries use the sand. Moreover, it can also be mixed with other materials as fillings for concretes in buildings.

11. Medicine

Ocean minerals can also be used to make medicines. Magnesium is a mineral that is present in many kinds of medicine. It is filled with nutrients that are good for the body. Most of the medicines from the magnesium are used to treat the muscles, the bones and the heart.

12. Roads

Limestone minerals in oceans are used to make roads. Dead shells from marine organisms contribute to the process of limestone formation in the ocean. The mineral lies on the very bottom of the ocean floor. Besides making roads, the mineral is used to make cement.

13. Veterinary Medicine

Animals benefit from the minerals found in the ocean. There is a special mineral that is used as medicine for dogs. It’s potassium bromide. The mineral is useful for making medicines that can treat seizures and epilepsy in dogs. The medicine act as the very first treatment for the dogs.

14. Strengthening Rubber

Another use for sulfur is to increase the strength of rubbers. The mineral is added to rubber so it’s not too weak. The rubbers will become a bit more stiff and heat resistant. The sulfur helps rubbers to not easily melt in warm temperatures.

15. Acne Medicine

Minerals in ocean are often used to make acne medicine. The sulfur in the ocean can help to detox the skin. The Dead Sea is known for its high content in sulfur. People use the salt from that sea to help treat their skin. Sulfur is great to purify the skin because it gets rid of dead skin and bacterias.

16. Toothpaste

Studies have shown that the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean contains many fluoride mineral. It is a mineral that is often used to produce the toothpaste. People depend on toothpaste to keep up with their dental hygiene. The mineral is also added to drinking water to prevent cavities.

17. Making Cans

Manganese in ocean water is often extracted to make cans. The mineral is used in producing aluminium. It’s a favourite component for the aluminium because it has an anti corrosive property. Thus, it’s great in making cans. Cans are important to make canned foods and other preserved fruits for people to consume.

18. Pigment

A mineral in ocean water that can provide pigments is chromium. The yellow pigment is widely used for many things. It’s a strong colour that doesn’t fade easily. Red pigment made from chromium is also popular. These pigments are usually present in vehicles.

19. Water Disinfectant

Bromine is a mineral in ocean that is used to disinfect water. It’s serves as an alternative element for chlorine. It can be used to treat the water in pools so people can safely swim. Hot tubs also use the mineral in order to prevent bacteria and fungi to form.

20. Battery for Cars

Another use of bromine is an added component to make car batteries. It was once used for fuel with lead. However, it is no longer used and removed from fuel. Now the mineral is used to create batteries for electric cars. It’s contributing towards a greener form of vehicles.

These ocean minerals provide humans the ability to turn them into something useful in our lives. As we rely on the ocean, it’s always important to care for its wellbeing.

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