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17 Importance of Ocean Biodiversity

by Fitriani

Ocean biodiversity points out to all the different marine species that we have in our oceans. Other than the sea creatures, it also refers to their habitat and the surrounding ocean’s environments. As interesting as they can be, what’s so special about it? You can find the answer by reading these 17 Importance of Ocean Biodiversity. See how marine creatures and humans depend on it.

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1. Provides Livestock

The ocean constantly provide us with various kinds of livestock. We would not be having different species of fish and vegetation from the ocean without biodiversity. Now we’re currently consuming a lot of fish as they are good source of proteins. As for vegetation, seaweeds are also consumed and used as fertiliser in agriculture.

2. Marine Tourism

Marine tourism is an interesting activity due to the many kinds of species that we can meet. It’s fun and will certainly attract a lot of tourists. Tourism will also boost the income of a certain area. A sustainable tourism will help more people realise how important the ocean is, thus biodiversity can be protected.

3. Improves Local Economy

Indeed, biodiversity can improve the economy status of a local area. This especially applies to those living near the coasts. Businesses would increase as tourists keep coming to the beach. A better economy will help provide income for people and bettering the infrastructure of the area.

4. Educational Purposes

The ocean biodiversity can be used for educational purposes. Children and adults can learn more on all the things that the ocean has to offer. They may learn it through tourism, research or studies. It helps in raising awareness on the health of the ocean and its marine creatures.

5. Materials for Building

People need a lot of building resources that can be gained from the ocean. For instance, people may use the mangrove trees to construct buildings. There are also materials from the coral reefs that can be used for cement or making roads. However, all these extraction should be done with careful consideration. Sustainable use of these ocean resources will reduce damaging them. Also read on the Uses of Ocean Minerals.

6. Absorption of Pollution

The different kinds of vegetation in and around the ocean help in keeping away extreme amount of pollution. Most of the vegetations are able to absorb the pollution which only leaves a tiny amount to potentially leak into the sea water. Wetlands have roots that can break down pollutants before they reach the ocean. The leaves of the mangrove trees can also clean up the air around the ocean. As a result, the ocean won’t have to absorb too many toxic chemical in the air.

7. Developing Medicines

Ocean biodiversity also helps in scientists to develop new medicines. There are a lot of medication that need materials from the marine creatures. For example, corals and sponges can become a component in making antibiotics. They have great properties in fighting of bacterias. Shells from marine animals are also helpful in creating supplements that can improve the body’s health.

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8. Leisure Activities

Due to how diverse the ocean is, people can do all kinds of leisure activities. For those who prefer to enjoy the sun and the sand, they can spend time at the beach. Others might be interested in exploring the rock structures and the coral reefs. Some prefer to surf the waves or snorkel to see all the colourful creatures.

9. Cultural Heritage

Some marine creatures are considered to be very native to a certain region. They don’t live anywhere else in the world. That what makes the ocean unique and important. This piece of information can help in studying their species and their habitat. People will also have creatures that are so attached to their culture and become a piece of their heritage.

10. Climate Stability

Every species in the ocean carry out an important role in maintaining how the ocean functions. This in turns greatly affect the climate of the world as the ocean maintains the balance. Without each one of the unique marine creatures in the ocean, there could be a change in how the ocean works. That would also mean an instability in our climate too.

11. Maintains Ocean Food Chain

The marine food chain itself contains diverse creatures that have their own purposes. All of them are crucial in keeping everything alive and healthy. When a group of species is endangered or become extinct, there will definitely be a negative side effect from it.

12. Provides Suitable Habitat

Each marine creature has their own characteristics. They make them unique and special. However, they will need certain conditions and environment to flourish. Thankfully, the ocean provides all kinds of natural and suitable habitat that will keep each of them alive.

13. Fast Recovery from Disasters

The healthier an ocean is, the faster it will recover from disasters. As long as all the marine creatures can maintain their role, they will help in keeping the ocean healthy. Thus, the ocean won’t face too much damage from disaster such as storms or tsunamis.

14. Study Past Marine Environments

With the help from the different ecosystem of the ocean and all of its creatures, we can continue studying the Earth. Those things help scientists to uncover how the Earth was in the past time. With their current conditions, they will also help in predicting how the future will be.

15. Prevents Extinction

Apparently, the biodiversity can help in preventing extinction. For instance, when a specific species of fish has been harvested too much, humans can opt for other species. In the meantime, the endangered ones can repopulate with the support of their environment.

16. Provides Jobs

Another important factor about it is its ability to provide jobs for people. Fishermen, scientists, researchers, tourist guides and so many more are able to do what they love due to what the ocean has to offer. Each of those jobs help people individually, socially and environmentally.

17. Extends Research

There are still so many things that we don’t know inside our ocean. Ocean biodiversity gives us a chance to further explore the nature of the oceans on earth. It keeps the drive to extend research and discover the unknowns. For instance, scientists are still trying to continue research into the deep sea which can improve our knowledge.

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Ocean biodiversity is a huge topic. The ocean is vast and diverse. It’s filled with many unknowns that will keep us curious and continue the exploration.

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