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13 Effects of Ocean Water as An Irrigation Supplement

by Rini

It is known that water is not only beneficial for human life but also has been one of our daily needs. The government has now begun to build lots of dams as a place to hold water, both rainwater and water entering through the sea channel. It is intended that the rice fields in the vicinity become sufficient for water supply. Many benefits of marine irrigation water can be used in human life in general. Hence effects of natural disasters on the ocean that can cause harm.

However, recently the current amount of water has become a concern to human, many villages have experienced a crisis of clean water. Well, that’s why it is important to use seawater as a channel for irrigation. For your information, here are the following effects of ocean water as an irrigation supplement as explained below:

1. Seawater as a supplier of agricultural needs

The effect of seawater irrigation that can be utilized for life in the community is as an agricultural need. It can supply water for the preservation of surrounding fields and land. With the irrigation of seawater, the water crisis and drought on agricultural land can be overcome. Food will be abundant so that farmers won’t complain about problems with poor farming, or irrigation problems which are often difficult to deal with. Thus, resulted on the best crops. The differences between sea wave and ocean flow.

2. As a Daily Life Need

Surface or sea water can also be used in daily life as well as for cooking, washing, bathing, and drinking. The level of water consumption in everyday life is very high so that as much as possible the community can optimize the use of clean water in everyday life because if it is used for things that are unimportant, of course, it will be very detrimental. With the existence of irrigation, at least it will be able to reduce the impact of the drought that often occurs in certain areas in Indonesia.

3. As a Power Plant

Next the effects of the ocean water as an irrigation supplement is as a power plant. Irrigation can also be used to drive turbines as power plants. This needs to be applied in areas that have lakes with constant water flow and must be applied in areas that have no electricity. Not only that, this water turbine power plant also needs to be applied in other areas with the aim of saving electricity usage from the government and of course the usage can reduce the expenditure of fuel costs every month. Causes of subsurface ocean currents you must know.

4. For Irrigation and Recreation

Surface water in the sea, river or lake can be used for irrigation for farmers in need, especially during the long dry season. Surface water in the sea can also be used as a recreational facility such as swimming, snorkeling, diving and so on. This is certainly a positive value for those who live in areas near the sea or rivers that have clear water because they can also be used as recreational facilities and agriculture.

The more tourist centers offered will benefit marine tourism. Moreover Indonesia people could enjoy the view of the vast and enchanting Indonesian sea.

5. As a Fisherman’s Livelihood

Marine irrigation can also be one of the benefits for fishermen who are looking for livelihoods seeking fish as a need for general consumption. With abundant sea products, many fishermen have made the profession a way to manage their economy. In addition to looking for fish directly in the sea, fishermen can also make ponds from several locations in irrigation for fish and other animal cultivation.

Economically and financially, the results of fishing activities are very helpful for fishermen, especially those who live on the coast and surrounding areas. Hence causes of ocean heat content from global warming.

6. As Fish Cultivation and Others

Furthermore, the effects of the ocean water as an irrigation supplement are the cultivation of fish, lobsters and other marine products. Surface water in the sea can be used for aquaculture. However it needs to be designed thoroughly so that it can utilize surface water as much as possible then it will benefit the surrounding environment and the fish cultivation. Because this fish farming will certainly add to the livelihood of those in areas close to the sea and its surroundings. This is able to increase the living standards of fishermen and aquaculture farmers in abundance.

7. As a Transportation Media

Surface water in rivers or seas can be used as a medium for sea transportation for boats or fishing boats. Not only for fishermen to find fish, but also for the transportation of trading vessels and passenger ships. In addition, from resources in the sea, it is also used as an oil refinery, as a fleet of warships or as an exclusive traffic for cruise ships to enjoy the beauty of the sea throughout the world. Because of the development, many facilities can be enjoyed by the entire community. The harmful effects of ocean pollution we need to watch out.

8. As a Sports Place

Surface water in the sea can also be used as a fun and exciting place for water sports such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, banana boating, waterboarding, water sky, jet sky and so on. Of course, this is not only helping you to release stress but also make your body healthy. Plus it can be a memorable experience for those of you who are trying water sports for the first time.

The beauty of the sea is not only enjoyed on the surface but, in its depth lies beautiful gems that can be explored with its charm. You who like underwater tours can also choose diving sports as the right choice to try your adrenaline.

9. As a Natural Resource

Starting from water, marine animals, coral reefs and so on are priceless inheritance from the marine world. In addition, there are other natural resources such as oil, natural gas, and other natural resources which are of high value if they can be extracted properly and correctly. All resources must be preserved and maintained or else it will be exhausted and extinct.

10. Overcoming the Water Crisis on Irrigation Channels

With the existence of irrigation from the sea water, it can reduce the water crisis which is currently begins to shrink. The current crisis of clean water  has been experienced throughout the world. As human needs of the earth keeps increasing, it means more water consumption.

Currently the world population has exceeded 1 billion, can you imagine how much the usage of clean water for those people? The use of seawater that can be distilled into consumable water at this time has already begun, so the role of water in life is so important in future generations. The importance of oxygen in the ocean must know.

Next, here are examples and explanations about the effects of the ocean water as an irrigation supplement as below:

  • Research from China has proven the use of seawater for rice cultivation and the results have proven successful. Diluted seawater is used to irrigate rice fields for testing which types of rice can survive and thrive in salt water environments.
  • The use of abundant seawater can be used as irrigation material in semi-maize plants. The purpose of this study is to use seawater to be used as irrigation water on baby corn plants and get a concentration of seawater that is suitable as irrigation of baby corn plants. The results showed that semi-maize plants that were given sea water as irrigation to a concentration of 4000 ppm could produce a quantity of semi-maize that was not different from the treatment of 100% of freshwater generally. The major ocean basins you have to know.
  • Seawater irrigation can also provide economic benefits and also provide welfare. Improving the standard of living through fisheries, developing salt water distillation into bargains, and utilizing salt water as a producer of sodium salt needed as consumption for the general public.

The effects of ocean water as an irrigation supplement are indeed holding an important part in our ecosystem. Indonesia has abundant natural resources in the sea, wisely it had to be used fairly and responsibly.

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