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13 Harmful Effects Of Ocean Pollution Need To Watchout

by Vania

Ocean pollution is a condition when the ocean get worst, like there are garbage, waste and acid. That is so bad, because ocean pollution will affected the fish and the other animals in the sea. Turns out, ocean pollution not only effected the fish, but also to people that close to the sea.

According to the word, there are so much effects of ocean pollution that can ruined or damaging the sea and also, the land and the air. From some source, said that ocean pollution will be dangerous.

If that so, ocean pollution will distract everything in the sea and also in the land. What it the effects, then? So, here are 13 harmful effects of ocean pollution that you must pay attention for this.

  1. Change of the quality of the sea water

One of 13 harmful effects of ocean pollution is effect to the quality of the water. Why is that so? Because it is clearly impacted. When the ocean full of pollution, then the quality of the sea water will change. Like the themperature of the sea water, normaly it will be 26 to 30 degree of celcius but when ocean pollutuion happen that is will be under 26 degree celcius.

That is because the sun’s can not enter into the sea water and the sea water has quite long to absorb and release heat from the Sun. So, that is why ocean pollution can change the quality of the sea water, especially the themperature.

2. Change the colour of the water sea

Like the following word, when ocean pollution happen, the sun’s rays can not enter into the sea. So, there is no refraction or the reflection of sun’s rays into the sea water that can make the sea looks blue.

Also the clarity of the sea water no longer looks because there is no sun’s rays and so much garbage on the sea level. That is will bad if still happen to the ocean, because it will ruined the sea life.

3. The salt in the sea

Salinity is the amount of salt content in one liter of the sea water. The sea of course have a lot salt into it. But if ocean pollution happen, the salt in the sea water probably increased or decreased.

Indeed the salt can affected by some factors, like rainfall or evaporation. But ocean pollution have a big contribution to affect the salt content. Normally, the salt content range to 34,5, when this happen it will be under 34,5 or probably higher than that.

4. Eutrophication

Some people may be don’t know about eutrophication. Eutrophication is a condition when the waters too fertile, so that is encourage the occurrence of an explosion of alga – which is will mutual scrambling to get the sun’s rays for photosynthesis.

Because of so much algae under the sea, that will encourage the death en masse. And also there is competition of consuming 0xygen because too much the organism under the sea. The respiration will produce so much oxygen so that the sea waters will turn into anoxic and causing death of the animals in the sea.

5. Acidification

In addition, causes of ocean swells pollution can causing the acidification. If that’s happen, the coral reefs, fishes and the other animals in the water can  get extinct.

And also there are so much people depends on the sea – like fishes, crabs or anything that can be eaten – to eat, development, or to build a good economic from the sea.

If acidification happen, so that the air will affected too and there will be so much factories.

6. The death of marine animals

The other effect of ways to prevent ocean chafing pollution is the death of marine animals or marine life. As you can see like fishes, crabs, the gulls, and also the other animals that dependent on the sea can extinct or die because of pollution on the sea water – that can change to be poison for them.

Too much garbage of pollution in the sea ways to stop rising ocean levels can be a poison for marine life, and they can not get sun’s rays well for breed.

You can is on your environment, if you can see the ocean, you might just be seeing a small fish, or  a murky waters on it. Not only the marine animals, but it will affect to human society.

7. The damage to the food chain

Next, there is a food chain. effects of Ocean exploration pollution also can ruined the food chain, like the pollutants that eaten by small fish, then the small fish eaten by the big one.

This is continue till the fish eaten by human. And the human will feel the impact of the pollutants that eaten by the small fish. So, that is why ocean pollution can damage the food chain in the sea until consumed by human ( seafood ).

8. As disease outbreaks

As continued from the food chain, till some people consume the fish that contains pollutants. Some people can get sick easily, and the materials from the sean can become a disease outbreaks.

Like disease outbreaks of hepatitis that appears because consuming seafood contained by pollutants. Also, the water production can contained too when the sea water full of damaged of pollution that make some people can not get a fresh water anymore.

9. Damaged ecosystems

Not only the food chain, but also affected to the ecosystems. Ocean pollution, turned out can make the damage of the ecosystems, which means the interaction of the marine animals  or humans’s  environment will be change in that habitat.

Many areas of damaged ecosystems because of human that can not keep the environment clean, just throw the trash everywhere and did not care the other creatures.

In addition, there are more effects that you should know when importance of ocean temperature pollution happen in your environment, for the example:

  • Declining of soil quality, it will happen because the land that close to the sea also affected and contained the same water as the sea.
  • The mass poisoning
  • Extinction of marine animals
  • Blocking communication, radar on the animals for get attention, or catch prey.

So, there are 13 harmful effects of ocean pollution that you should know to make a good ocean in the future and keep the sea clean as usual. Don’t throw any garbage into the water or make so much pollutants. Be brave and hope this article will useful.

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