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Deep Sea: Definition – The process of formation – Function

by Widiya

The shape of the Earth’s surface is something very interesting for us to learn together. The uneven shape makes the surface of the Earth or the crust of the Earth a place that is very diverse and is occupied by many living things. Because of this uneven shape, the characteristics on the Earth’s surface also differ so that living things that live on it also vary from place to place.

For example, in mountainous regions with cool air, they have different characteristics from lowland areas that tend to be warm. Not only are the characteristics of the soil and the air different, but also living things are different.

Now that is a small picture of the surface of the Earth contained in terrestrial ecosystems, then what about those under the sea? During this time we can only see the sea as a vast puddle of water without being able to see the base directly. It turns out that the seabed covered by water also has uneven relief. This is called marine morphology.

Inside the sea, there are also high, low, even very low plains. There are mountains of the sea, deep seas, sea backs, sea troughs, and so on. All of this is not much different from what is on the surface of the Earth, only its location is under the sea. One that we will discuss is the depth of the sea or basin.

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Understanding the Deep Sea or Basin

Deep Sea or Basin is one of the underwater morphological forms. Deep sea or basin is a form of underwater Earth surface in the form of a basin with a rounded, deep, and wide base. If compared with the shape of the Earth’s surface over the sea, the depth of the sea or basin is the same as the valley, but the ocean is under the sea.

Causes of the Formation of Deep Sea

A deep sea is a form of the surface of the Earth that occurs due to a particular cause or process. The cause of the formation of the deep ocean is the process of degenerating the seabed or ingress. This sea cascade occurs gradually. As time goes by, the bottom of the sea in Indonesia is a lot. Some examples of deep water or basins in the Indonesian sea include the following:

Benefits of Deep Sea or Basin

The deep sea is a seafloor relief that has several functions or benefits. The benefits of the deep sea are as follows:

  1. As A Place to Live Various Kinds of Marine Animals

The function of the deep sea is one of them as a living place for various marine animals. Marine animals that live in the ocean are animals that do not need much sunlight and oxygen because the ocean is a low basin. As for plants, there are only a few found.

  1. As A Place of Research

The deep sea is also one of the places that can be used as research, especially underwater research.

  1. As Evidence That Underwater Activities Exist

The sea basin or basin, as well as other submarine morphological forms, is evidence that underwater activities exist, such as geological and tectonic activities involving various elements in the sea.

  1. Beautify the Underwater Scenery

A deep sea is also a place that contributes beautiful views under the sea, especially if it is adjacent to other marine morphology.

Those are a few things we can say about the depth of the sea or basin.

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