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Characteristic and Facts Of The Red Sea

by Rezha Ariffianta

Sea or ocean are the biggest water territory on the earth. Form of the earth surface consist of water and mainland. The water territory is even larger than the mainland which is 2/3 part of the earth. And the largest one is sea or ocean. The difference between sea and ocean is basically the breadth. The sea is narrower than the ocean even both of them have salty water.

Even though we see that oceans and seas are adjoining, but there are borders between them. Some oceans on this earth are Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arktik Ocean, Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile, there are some popular seas like South China Sea, Red Sea, Black Sea, and Dead Sea. After we talked about South Chine Sea before, now we will discuss about The Red Sea. The sea that is famous because its legendary history.

Geographic of The Red Sea

The Red Sea is a sea that is located in Arabian Peninsula. It is a sea which is not too large but long enough. the Red Sea or Teberau Sea is a gulf in the west side of Arabian Peninsula that separate 2 continents, Asian Continent and African Continent. The south sea lane is Babul Mandib and Telk Aden, while in the north side is Sinai Peninsula and Suez Canal.

This sea has 300 km width and 1.900 km length, and the lowest point is 2.500 m. The Red Sea has a unique name related with its history. However, actually the name is symbolic only while the color of the sea which is red can be explained scientifically. Here are the characteristics of The Red Sea:

Characteristics of The Red Sea

Red Sea is one of popular sea in the world. The Red Sea has special criteria which may be not belong to other seas. And the criteria are:

The shape is long and less wide.

One of the characteristics is the shape which is long and the width is only 300 km, while the length is 1.900 km. So that if we see it from the air, it looks like narrow.

Overgrown with some coral species.

Red Sea is also a sea that is occupied by some coral species. Sometimes this sea biota is the one which makes the sea color become red and finally it is called as The Red Sea.

Those are the characteristics of The Red Sea. Then, there are also interesting facts of the Red Sea. What are they? Let’s talk about it!

Facts of The Red Sea

Some interesting facts of The Red Sea are:

  1. The place where Fir’aun, opponent of Prophet Musa, was drowned out. This fact is supported by the research that found the rest of carriage wreckage and the human bones.
  2. The saltiest sea in the world of which salinity is 40%.
  3. The hottest sea in the world.
  4. The sea with the calmest flow in the world.
  5. The most important trading lane in the past.

So, those are interesting facts of The Red Sea. We hope this information is useful for all of us.

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