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Characteristics of South China Sea and Conflicts Happened

by Rezha Ariffianta

laut cina selatanSea or ocean are the largest water territory on the earth. The earth consists of water territory and mainland. It has more water territory than the land which is 2/3 of earth is water. and the largest part of it is sea or ocean. The difference between the sea and the ocean is basically the breadth. The sea is narrower than the ocean even though both of them have salty water.

Although oceans and seas are adjoining, but there are borders between them. Oceans those we can find on the earths are: Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arktik Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and South China Sea which is recently debated to be ocean or sea due to its breadth. Now we will talk about South China Sea, the geography, characteristics, and conflicts happened to the sea.

Geography of South China Sea

South China Sea is a sea that is located around Asia Continent. We can see this from its name that use People Republic of China which is now more popular as China. South Chine Sea is in the side of Pacific Ocean that stretches from Karimata Strait and Malaka Strait to Taiwan Strait. South Chine Sea is about 3.500.000 km square wide. Because of its strategic location, it is frequently traversed by inter-continent ships and make this sea as busy and important cruise lane.

The Characteristics of South China Sea

South china Sea has special characteristics. Actually, all seas have almost the same shape. However, each of them has special characteristic. The special characteristics of South Chine Sea are:

  • Strategic location
  • Important international cruise lane
  • A lot of natural wealth for human

Those are some characteristics of South China Sea. Because of the importance, South china Sea drive to conflicts. The conflicts have happened for years between countries. We will discuss now the conflicts happened to South Chine Sea.

Conflicts Happened in South China Sea

In the history, South China Sea has driven to many controversies. The reason is because conflicts in South China Sea involved some countries. The conflict itself occurred since 1947. How is the story? Here are the main points of the conflicts:

  • The conflict started in 1947 when China made a map and claimed most of the sea territory.
  • In 1949 Communist Party, which was governing, made 9 border lines around that area including areas those were disputed with Vietnam, Sratly Islands, and with Philippines, Scarborough Reef.
  • In 1994 Philippines submitted a claim to Arbitration Court under Law Convention of United Nations which got ratification from 60 countries.
  • In 1995 China was getting brave by doing establishment in Mischief Reef Island and Philippines submitted a protest to ASEAN.
  • In 1997 Philippines navy ships stopped China ship to come to Scarborough Shoal which is 1.000 km from China and 230 km from Philippines.
  • In 2009 China claimed the 9 border lines to United Nations which was then opposed by Vietnam and Malaysia and was protested by Philippines and Indonesia.
  • In 2013 Philippines brought this dispute to Arbitration Court in Den Haag which provoked anger of Beijing.
  • In 2016 Arbitration Court decided that China had no legal to claim South China Sea territory and assumed to worsen the regional conflict. Philippines welcomed this decision while China kept refusing it. And until now they still haven’t got the peace agreement of this conflict.

Those are some information that we can provide regarding South China Sea. South China Sea is a wide territory and rich of natural resources which may be used to fulfill millions of people around it. The endless resources makes South China Sea very important and valuable. Hopefully, the information that we provide is useful for us.

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