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Bermuda Triangle: Location – History – Events that Have Happened

by Widiya

Do you know that we store so many unsolved mysteries on Planet Earth? Indeed, until now research will continue to be carried out to find out all the secrets behind our Earth. There are so many natural phenomena that occur on the surface of the Earth both those that occur in terrestrial, oceanic, and outer space ecosystems. On average, all events or natural phenomena that occur daily or amazing natural phenomena that come from this period can be explained scientifically.

For example, events that occur every day such as the process of rain, the process of clouds, dew, land winds, sea breeze, and so on can all be explained scientifically. Likewise, with rare natural phenomena such as the process of rainbow formation, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, the phenomenon of the moon, and sun halo, the emergence of Aurora and so on are phenomena explained scientifically.

There are so many natural events and phenomena that we can meet on Earth. Apart from the phenomenon that has been found in scientific explanation, it turns out that on Earth there is a secret that is still a mystery to most humans. Yes, this phenomenon is often connected as the cause of the loss of ships sailing and aircraft that suddenly disappear after crossing it.

Then the missing ships and planes were never found and left a mystery. The natural phenomenon that holds many mysteries is in the ocean and we know it like a Bermuda triangle. Well, on this occasion we will discuss the Bermuda triangle.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a vast area in the Atlantic Ocean region which is considered to be a place of mystery because of many cases of loss of aircraft and ships without a trace after crossing the area. Until now, there has not been a definite reason that has been agreed upon on the reasons why many planes and also ships were lost. Because of these strange events, some people refer to this region as the “Demonic Triangle” or the “Deadly Bermuda Triangle”. Then, where is the exact region known as the Bermuda Triangle?

Location of the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is an area that is in the Atlantic Ocean. This region is called a triangle because of the points or boundaries of this region if it is connected to form a triangle.

The area declared as the Bermuda Triangle is between Bermuda, the territory of the United Kingdom (north point), the Puerto Rico territory of the United States (south point), and Miami namely the state of Florida US (as the west point) . If connected, the Bermuda Triangle region has an area of ​​approximately 1.5 million square miles or 4 million square kilometers. The Bermuda Triangle region still has a lot of mysteries, and there are some opinions that state its history without knowing exactly what is right.

Bermuda Triangle History

As mentioned above, there are several sources that state the history of the Bermuda Triangle region, but from some sources, it is not yet known which is correct because each scientist expresses his argument along with opinions. The early history of the Bermuda triangle began in the story of Christopher Columbus’ voyage. At that time, one of his crew members saw a strange light that resembled a meteor in the triangle area. Then Colombus also wrote that the navigation equipment did not function properly when sailing across the region.

After that, a very strange loss occurred which was about the loss of a ship sailing to an airplane passing over the triangle. The loss events were first documented by E.V.W. Jones in 1951 from the Associated Press magazine and later named it the “Satanic Triangle”. Then this news was rewritten by George X, published in Fate Magazine.

These reported loss events make the region named as the “Deadly Bermuda Triangle”. There is a source that states that under the Bermuda Triangle area, there is a very large pyramid, and even the pyramid is reported to exceed the size in Egypt. Then the distance between the top of the pyramid and the surface of the sea is around 500 meters. It was also told that at the end of the pyramid there were two holes.

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Famous Events That Have Happened

Bermuda triangle is an interesting material discussed because the mystery that has not been solved until now. There have been many events that have occurred in the Bermuda Triangle region and all of them are events of loss. As for some of the world-famous events involved with the Bermuda Triangle area, among others, are as follows:

  • 1840: HMS Rosalie’s events
  • In 1872: The Mary Celeste, one of the biggest mysteries of the loss of ships in the Bermuda Triangle region
  • 1909: The Spray
  • In 1917: Caseu SS Trimandra
  • In 1918: USS Cyclops (AC-4) was lost in a stormy sea even though before leaving, the watch tower said that the ocean was calm and it was estimated that there was no way for a storm to occur so nature would sail
  • In 1926: SS Suduffco disappeared in bad weather
  • In 1938: HMS Anglo Australian disappeared even though at that time, the weather report stated that the weather was very calm
  • 1945: Flight 19 disappears. This event was a very famous event because the plane was an aircraft designed to be able to float on the sea but still lost. Then the search crew was revealed to look for the plane and the search crew was also missing, not found
  • In 1952: The British York transport plane disappeared and lifted 33 passengers
  • In 1962: The US Air Force KB-50 tanker was lost
  • In 1970: a French freight ship, Milton Latrides which sailed from New Orleans to Cape Town was lost
  • In 1972: The German ship Anita, which weighed 20,000 tons, disappeared along with 32 crew
  • In 1976: SS Sylvia L. Ossa disappeared in the sea, 140 miles west of Bermuda
  • 1978: Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902 disappears after takeoff and radio contact is lost
  • In 1980: The SS Poet vanished in the middle of a storm while heading to Egypt
  • In 1995: The Jamanic K ship was reported to disappear after going through Cap Haitien
  • In 1997: Sailors disappeared from German Cruise ships
  • In 1999: Genesisi Freighter disappeared

Those are some of the world famous events related to the Bermuda triangle. The events above are all events that have been a mystery.

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