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11 Biggest Archipelagos in The World

by Rezha Ariffianta

If we talk about the planet of earth, we will talk about contour of the earth surface as well. Each surface of the earth either mainland or sea have different reliefs. Each relief will affect many aspects of the creatures which live on it. Beside that, the relief of the earth surface will frequently affect the climate change as well. We will find this phenomenon many times in many places. And we know as well the term of biosphere, the region of the surface, atmosphere, hydrosphere of the earth.

The earth surface itself is also used as a mark of a location for certain area. This will affect in politic and state side. The mainland itself is divided into continent, island and archipelago. Three of them have their own characteristics.

This time we will discuss about the biggest archipelago in the world. Archipelago means a country that has a lot of islands. We know some countries that consist of islands. Some of them are:

1. Indonesia

If we talk about the biggest archipelago in the world, we won’t be able to ignore Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelago in the world. The definition of “big” is not about the width only, but it’s also about the small islands that surround and form the territory of Indonesia. More than 17.000 islands have formed the territory of Indonesia. Indonesia is also one of the biggest and the most important natural gas producer. The territory of Indonesia is around 1.904.569 km² width and the coastline is about 54.716 km length.

2. Madagaskar

is one of the countries in territory of Africa Continent. Madagaskar itself is one of the big archipelagos. The island is the main island belongs to Madagaskar islands. This country is also one of the world tourist destination. It has around 587.041 km² width and the coastline is about 4.826 km length.

3. Papua New Guinea

This country is very close to Indonesia. It even neighbor directly to one of Indonesia province, West Papua. The country, of which capital city is Port Moresby, is around 462.840 km² width, and its coastline is 5.152 km length. It is one of countries which is the part of Oceania.

4. Japan

Even though Japan is separated from the mainland, but this country is a part of Asia continent. It is exactly in East Asia. The country with 377.915 km² width is one of earthquake prone in the world. This is because Japan is one of the countries that is on the earth plate line.

5. Philippines

The next biggest archipelago is Philippines. This country is quite close to Indonesia, especially Sulawesi island. It i frequently visited by tourist as the world tourist destination. The country, of which capital is Manila, has 300.000 km² and 36.289 km length coastline.

6. New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries with famous natural beauty. This country, which is part of Oceania, is well known to have interesting tourist destinations. New Zealand,of which capital city is Wellington, has 267.710 km² width. And it has 15.134 km length coastline.

7. England

The next biggest archipelago is England or we call it Great Britain. This country is located in Europe continent, exactly in the north Europe. The country of which capital is London, has 246.610 km² width and 12.429 km length coastline.

8. Cuba

Cuba is a country that is located in the middle of America. This country  sticks to one of its figure, Che Guevara. Havana is the capital city of this country. Cuba has 110.860 km² width and 3.735 length coastline.

9. Iceland

Iceland is one of the world biggest archipelago in Europe. It is one of the territory which is very close to the north pole. The country , with Reykjavik as the capital, has 103.000 km² width and 4.970 km length coastline.

10. Ireland

Ireland is a country that is most affected by the climate of the north pole. It is located in the north Europe makes this country to have a long term winter. Ireland, of which capital is Dublin, has 70.273 km² width and 1.448 km length coastline.

11. Sri Lanka

This country is not far from India. Sri Lanka, of which capital is Colombo, is 65.610 km² width. The culture of this country is about related with India. Even though the 2 countries are geographically separated.

That’s all the biggest archipelago in the world. Those countries are formed by some islands to be one archipelago. Each country has its own characteristics. Hopefully this information is useful.

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