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The 5 Most Dangerous Bays That You Shouldn’t Visit

by Yoga Adi Priambodo

Nature gave us so many wonderful things. Some special things like mountains, lakes, or maybe some famous bays in Indonesia would be an amazing place to be at any time. They bays are also included, as spectacular things for human needs. They can get so many things from it, not only for commercial use, but also pleasure. People can be happy and contended when playing their favorite water sports. Fishermen can gain economic value from fisheries and aquaculture, that can be done in bays. But, there’s always the other side of the coin. Aside from the good, there always will be bad.

In the world, there are pretty bad bays, not only for any types of fish but us humans. It’s even reaching dangerous level, a place that we should avoid. These dangerous bays are the result of non-humany activities. Simple acts that can perish all life in the future. Simple activities such as littering the ocean with plastics to the most complex one with nuclear waste are the causes of why these bays are dangerous. Right now, there are some places that we want to mention in the article of most dangerous bays that you shouldn’t visit, such as:

1. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Combinining trash and ocean is certainly not a good idea. The dangers of polluting the sea are real, and you can see it yourself around the bays in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As the name suggests, the place is surrounded by materials, garbages, wastes from the ocean. Plastic materials came from households also stranded on the bays of garbage island. Because of this worse condition, the island is not a favorable location for holiday. It’s unlikely to be healthy, and the smell of trash is unavoidable.

The level of trash contained on this island is one of the reasons of worsened sea environment status. It’s affecting the life of many sea creatures, and poisoning the water quality. It’s indeed of most dangerous bays that you shouldn’t visit.

2. Bays in Gruinard, Scotland

If you think that the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems are bad enough, than the bays in Gruinard, Scotland may have received a terrible fate. This island as not as famous as others due to its existence that hidden by the British Government. As a place for biological experiment, Gruinard was highly secured for their private researches. Once, the scientists have done their experiment called Anthrax. During the process, they released spores into the thin air. What was unknown to them that they are actually quite poisonous, at least for some animals. A lot of sheeps on the island were dead as the result of the experiment. Turned out, the spores were not only affecting the animals. They were also contaminating both the grounds and the water. Basically made the whole island contaminated with poison.

Due to the how dangerous the island was and still is, the entrance to the Gruinard island is closed for either a very long time or may be forever.

3. Reunion Island

The name is good on paper, but not as good when you place it along with the sharks. The bays in Reunion island are as good as the ones in Raja Ampat. They are still look good, having both wonderful scenic view and beautiful marine biotas. But, there’s one thing that makes it marked as one of the dangerous place on Earth, it’s the sharks. The sharks seem to be friendly to other marine friends, but the surfers are not included. Since 2013, many surfers were attacked by the sharks. The attack happened multiple times during a year, hurting more and more surfers through years. Because of that, not long after 2013, swimming and surfing are permanently banned.

4. Guinea Bay

Pirates could be the most dangerous thing on the ocean, since humans can basically do anything to harm the others. And if you happen to land on Guinea Bay, chant your best prayer because that’s certainly not a good idea. Since a long time, the bay is known as a turf for African Pirates. The hideous activity was increasing since 2009, and they grew crueler each year. That’s why, you should avoid the area as soon as possible because of how dangerous it is.

5. Bays in Ramree Island

Ramree island is a big island located in Rakhine. It’s also a historical place, because it’s included one of those war areas during WWII when British troops fighting the Japanese army. Back then, it was a very unfortuntae moment for Japan. At the end of the fight, the Japanese army retreated to the forest, avoiding more casualties. The British Army was stronger at the moment, and forced the Japanese to retreat further. What unknown to them, during their escape, they were unkowingly arrived at the saltwater crocodiled lair. The attack was unavoidable. The Japanese army wasn’t strong enough to fight back. And 400 of them dead in the mouth of crocodiles. This phenomena was said to be the most brutal animal attack ever recorded.

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