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Raja Ampat, The Greatness of Coral Reefs in Indonesian Ocean

by Yoga Adi Priambodo

raja ampatIndonesia holds the title of a country that has the largest marine biodiversity on Earth. Even though the name is still unfamiliar to some people, it clearly proves the fact. In the country, you can visit all places that known for its marine wonders, including the one and only, Raja Ampat. As a part of eastern Indonesia, Raja Ampat is mainly known for its underwater beauty shown by the colorful corals and living beings live around them. However, Raja Ampat located in Papua island, one of the biggest islands in Indonesia.

The territory itself is considered pretty large, consists of 9,8 million acres covering the land and sea areas. Around more than a thousand species of fish live underneath., plus the additional 700 mollusks types. It’s no strange calling it the living library od underwater biota. Now, let’s talk about the wonderful things about it, things that make it shines as it should be. And here is Raja Ampat, the greatness of coral reefs in Indonesian ocean.

  1. The four islands in Raja Ampat    

The name Raja Ampat has a meaning. Raja Ampat in English basically means The Four Kings. Who are these kings actually? Are they actually real things? Turns out, these Four Kings are actually the iconic islands inside the area of Raja Ampat. Those islands are the main islands, such as Waigeo, Batanta, Salawai, and also Misool. All of them have their own unique features. For example, Misool is a place where all those friendly and unpoisoned jellyfishes live.

These Four Kings are also accompanied by the other 1.500 surrounding islands, including Kofiau. It’s even more than islands in Seribu Islands. Because of how many they are, some of them even unnamed.

  1. Has the richest coral reef biodiversity in the world

Raja Ampat is always lovable because of how colorful it is, thanks to those beautiful corals decorating the ocean. The life diversity here is a wonderful sight to see, especially with all those marine invertebrates. Based on Conservation International, many suggest that Raja Ampat has the highest marine diversity on our planet.

Thus, Raja Ampat becoming one of the top tourist locations in Indonesia. Many people want to see how beautiful it is with their own eyes. It’s pumping it up to the first location of the most popular diving place.

3. The Coral Triangle

The Coral Triangle is what they call as geographical term for the tringular territory covering some water of areas of countries like Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Philippines, Solomon islands, and also Timor Leste. Inside this Coral Triangle territory there live about 600 different species of coral and more than 2.000 reef fish species. And Raja Ampat is also a part of it.

With the richest uderwater biodiversity, Raja Ampat is also a location that supports commercial industry, in this case, fishery. The people living nearby rely alot to the area for food and income for living.

  1. 75% species of Scleractinia around the world exist here

Scleractinia or Hard Corals, are studier corals, having their own hard skeletons that can become rocks to protect them from harm. Raja Ampat has about its 75% species around the globe. All exist and can be seen here. That’s why, so many divers concluded that Raja Ampat is the best known place for this sport.

Their existence is also a prove that Raja Ampat does have the richest coral diversity on Earth.

  1. Some mammal species also live here

Aside from those pretty corals, you can also have a chance to meet the wonderful creatures around Raja Ampat. There are about 13 different mammals species you can find around it, including the Dugongs. Dugong is a big mammal, just a little same as dolphins. It can grow up to 70 years old, and reaching the maximum 420 kg.

These Dugongs will usually ignore the divers, focusing on the sea grass treats. This cute and calm animal is also a shy one, so don’t bother touching it. There are also some endangered animals, like the hawksbill sea turtles. That’s why, Raja Ampat is also included as marine protected area in Indonesia.

  1. A home for unpoisoned jellyfish

Dugons and other mammals are not the ones who live here. Besides them, you can also greet the groups of unpoisoned jellyfish in Misool island’s area. You can dive there right away without worry getting stung or anything.

In Raja Ampat, there are two locations where you can actually witness them. One location is in Raja Ampat, and the other in Misool. Don’t worry about them though, this one is possibly the safest one of all types of jellyfish in Indonesia.

  1. Always be the favorite site for any diver  out there

Raja Ampat still a favorite location for so many tourists. Everyone who comes to Indonesia, will someday visit this beautiful area. With all these things Raja Ampat gives, it’d always be a wonderful location to dive in. All those beautiful corals and other underwater livings can give an outstanding experience. And that is Raja Ampat, the greatness of coral reefs in Indonesian ocean.

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