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Effects of Weather and Climate on Life

by Zidni

Weather and climate are one of the natural factors that are very important for human life. Knowledge of seasonal patterns, rainfall, and wind movements; for example, is useful for the agricultural, plantation and transportation sectors. In addition, we can use knowledge about the characteristics of the atmosphere to reflect radio waves.

1.Utilization of Weather and Climate in Agriculture

For Indonesia, where the majority of the population is engaged in the agrarian sector, climate characters such as rainfall, temperature, and season greatly affect their patterns of life. In the past, when knowledge of weather and climate had not developed yet, our ancestors had used the coming season for cropping patterns. They argue that the months ending in the word ber (September, October, November, and December) are the rainy season. During the rainy season, farmers start going down to the fields and cultivate the land.

Through the advancement of agricultural science and technology, climate factors has become one of the considerations in determining the suitability of the types of plants that will be cultivated somewhere. For example, rice plants are very suitable if cultivated in low areas with hot climates, while horticultural plantations are very well developed on highlands where the temperature is relatively cool.

Traditional fishermen often use wind and season patterns in fishing activities. For example, in ancient times fishermen used land winds and sea breeze to go and catch fish in the sea. In addition, fishermen rarely find fish during the westerly wind, because of frequent storms and heavy rains.

2.Utilization of Weather and Climate in the Field of Communication

One layer of the Earth’s atmosphere is the ionosphere which has the ability to reflect radio waves. The physical properties of this layer are utilized by humans in the field of communication for radio broadcasting so that the flow of information can be easily and quickly accepted by the public. Through the advancement of science and technology in the field of atmosphere and communication systems, our country currently has PALAPA communication satellites placed in the atmosphere at geostationary locations with an altitude of about 36,000 km above the face of the Earth.

3.Utilization of Weather and Climate in the Field of Transportation

In the field of transportation, weather factors such as wind patterns and rainfall greatly affect the smooth flow of transportation, both sea and air transportation. For example, shipping lines will be very disturbed if there is a hurricane or storm accompanied by heavy rain, likewise in the air transportation system. Therefore, everyday television always informs about the weather forecast.

4.Utilization of Weather in the Field of Industry

In many traditional industries that still depend on weather conditions, the industry generally needs solar heat, including tile, brick and cracker industries. Weather also affects the daily activities of residents.

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