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Characteristics of Ocean Biome and the explanation

by Zidni

Some of you have heard and learned about Biome. Basically, biomes are a collection of various types of ecosystems that exist. There are many types of biomes that are spread throughout the world. Based on the information available, there are several biomes that existed in this world such as tundra biome, desert biome, tropical rainforest biome, steppe biome. Savanna biomes, and taiga biome. Each scattered biome has its own characteristics to differentiate between one another. The existence and condition of biomes are very important because there are many factors that influence and are influenced by each biome.

Biomass is a very unique factor and is very dependent on the conditions of nature. When a biome is damaged, the effect that will appear will be very large. This is what makes a lot of effort to keep preserving and maintaining the biome itself. One element that can be influenced by the existence of a biome is the dynamic of changes in the atmosphere. It can also affect the climate change that occurs on Earth.

This time we will discuss the characteristics of oceanic biomes. This biome is called one of the largest and oldest biomes on earth. This is because about 70% of the percentage of the earth is covered by the ocean or the sea itself. If you talk about the characteristics, then there are some things that need to be known, such as;

Characteristics of ocean biomes

  • Ocean biomes are one of the largest biomes on earth, as we discussed above. This biome covers almost 70% of the earth’s area. Besides, biome is also divided into five main parts. This division is adjusted to the number of oceans we know, which is the Pacific, Asia, Indian, the Atlantic, and the southern sea.
  • The following characteristics of ocean biome are to have 4 main zones based on the type of depth. This division can also be used to divide the types of living things that live in it. The zoning is the littoral zone which is a tidal region. The Neritic zone is a shallow sea area while the Bathyal Zone is a dimly lit zone and last, the Abisal Zone is the deepest and darkest zone.
  • Ocean biomes are also divided into three main parts based on the intensity of the incoming light. The first zone is the euphotic zone which can still be penetrated by light and tends to be warm. The second zone is disphotic, a zone that is deep enough and not fully penetrated by light. the last zone is the aphotic zone, which is the deepest zone and cannot be penetrated by light. In the affection zone, the temperature of the water is very cold. Besides, this zone is also very minimal in nutrients.
  • Ocean biomes are a biome that always move like no other zone. This movement itself is caused by the presence of wind impulses and some movement of temperature changes that exist.
  • Ocean biomes have a high rainfall tendency when compared to other biomes. This is due to the high evaporation rate of the ocean biomes.
  • Weather from ocean biomes is very unpredictable, weather changes will sometimes occur suddenly and massively.
  • Ocean biomes are one of the important factors that can affect terrestrial or terrestrial climates. The high and low rainfall of land is strongly influenced by the speed of evaporation that occurs in the sea.
  • Biomass sea itself has a normal temperature or an average temperature of 39 Fahrenheit or 4 Celsius. But if we see every part of the ocean that exists, then the temperature will be affected by climate and the conditions of the ocean region are located.
  • Ocean biome is one of the contributors of oxygen that exists on earth. About 5% of the world’s oxygen production is produced by phytoplankton with the help of seaweed.
  • Ocean biomes have a much larger and more abundant amount of flora and fauna compared to terrestrial flora and fauna. Not a few flora and fauna in oceanic biomes have not yet been fully identified.

The functions and benefits that are very large can be found from some of the characteristics of ocean biome described above. So it is not surprising that this one biome is one of several biomes that must be maintained. This safeguard is more fixated on the procedures for maintaining the quality of existing ecosystems.

This is because damage to one part of the ocean biome will have a considerable effect on the condition and sustainability of the biome. Hopefully, this information is useful.

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