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4 Widest Seas in the World

by Widiya

The sea is a natural beauty that can refresh your eyes wherein the sea itself you will be able to see the various types of ecosystems that live in it. And of course, it is very important for you to know that 80 percent of the area on earth itself is water. What you certainly live in this world cannot be separated from the presence of oceans in each region.

If we talk about the sea, of course, you will be able to directly respond to the existence of underwater animals ranging from strange to dangerous. Where in the high seas there will be whales and sharks that are ready to prey on you immediately. Of course, you will be able to see the territorial waters in the world today through maps without having to come directly to the area in question.

Understanding the Sea

The sea itself can be said as something that is very easy to digest and understand. Because enough to take the keyword that is salty then it can already describe a sea of ​​course.

With the right thinking, of course, you will be able to care for and maintain the marine ecosystem in your area. The sea itself is actually a breeding ground for several ecosystems and what distinguishes it from freshwater is, of course, the taste.

1. Philippine Sea

The area of ​​the Philippine Sea itself reaches 5,000,000 square km and of course, this sea is one of the widest seas in the world. And of course, you will be able to find the Philippine Sea which is in the western Pacific Ocean where the sea is then a barrier between the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia. And of course, in the Philippine Sea itself, you will be able to get the marionette that you may have known before. That Mariana’s trough itself is a sea trough that has an extraordinary depth usually compared to the others.

2. Coral Sea

Yes, who does not know about this one sea is the Coral Sea which has an area of ​​4,791,000 square kilometers. And of course with such broadness that is what later made it the largest sea in the world. This sea is located in Australian waters where the sea is a barrier between Australia and others. And of course, in this ocean, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the coral reef inside.

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3. Arabian Sea

The next largest sea that you can find of course is the Arabian Sea which has a sea surface area of ​​3,862,000 km. Even the location of the sea is quite interesting, where this sea is located in the north of the Indian Ocean. So it can be said that this one sea borders the Indian Ocean and its depth reaches 4,652 meters.

4. South China Sea

The southern China Sea is one of the widest seas in the world, reaching an area of ​​around 3,500,000 square kilometers. Surely this sea is flanked by two straits that are close together, the Malacca Strait and Kari Mata Strait. The international trade system will certainly pass through this sea to be able to start importing goods. In addition, the China Sea is also very famous for the beauty of marine biota in these waters.

From the above explanation, it can be concluded that the largest sea in the World is none other than the Philippine Sea. Where the area owned by the sea is around 5 million km2. At each sea (including the four largest seas above), there is certainly a marine ecosystem in it. That way it can be said that the sea itself is a natural beauty given by the Creator for His people to be enjoyed and even utilized for the survival of the creatures.

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