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6 Volcanoes in Central Java Province

by Reananda Hidayat Permono

Being located in a zone known as the ring of fire, Indonesia has quite a lot of volcanoes. Indonesia has around 127 volcanoes, most of them are active, throughout the country including Central Java Province. Here are the list of 6 volcanoes in Central Java Province.

  1. Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi is considered as the most popular volcano in Indonesia, since Mount Merapi has some eruptions lately and still active to this day. The mount is located in Yogyakarta and Central Java Provinces and has an altitude of 2.958 meters above sea level. One of its biggest eruption that significantly changed the civilization happened in 1006. This event is recorded in Pucangan Inscription in 1941 by King Airlangga from Kahuripan Kingdom. The eruption in 1006 heavily harmed Mataram era in Central Java and parts of Borobudur Temple and Mendut Temple. The latest eruption of Mount Merapi occurred on 17 November 2019. According to PVMBG (government body for volcanology and natural disaster), the eruption exceeded as high as 1.000 meter and produced ashes to the western direction (Magelang District). There are some differences between mountain water and sea water.

  1. Mount Slamet

Another active volcano, Mount Slamet, has an altitude of 3.428 meters above sea level and is considered as the highest mount in Central Java Province. It’s a volcanic cone type and belongs to five administrative districts of Banyumas, Brebes, Purbalingga, Pemalang and Tegal. Mount Slamet is popular of its difficult hiking trails. The mount has erupted since 19th century and witnessed some small eruptions until now. The latest recorded activity was the lava production in Mei till June 2009. In 2014, Mount Slamet had high alert level after producing 170 earthquakes and 51 thick smoke events from the crater. Indonesia is among one of the 10 countries with the most islands in the world.

  1. Mount Sindoro

Mount Sindoro is also one of the 6 volcanoes in Central Java Province, specifically located in Temanggung. The mount with an altitude of 3.150 meters above sea level has such crater with cliff in the northwest and south sides. The largest crater is named Kembang. The eruption history of Mount Sindoro is not well recorded, but the eruption has occurred in 1806, 1818, 1882, 1883, 1887, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1908, 1910, 1970, and 2011. However, Mount Sindoro is quite popular for mount climbers. The best time for climbing the mount is between June and August during the window of good weather and dry season. Volcanoes could produce volcanic lakes, and Indonesia has some of them.

  1. Mount Sumbing

Mount Sumbing has an altitude of 3.371 meters above sea level and is considered as the second highest mount in Central Java. Administratively, it’s located in Magelang, Temanggung, and Wonosobo Districts. From Temanggung, the Mount Sumbing looks like the twin of Mount Sindoro. It happens since those mounts are close to each other and have relatively similar height. The latest eruption of the Mount Sumbing occurred in 1730 which created a lava dome. However, the Mount Sumbing becomes a favourite for mount climbers with the popular hiking trails named Garuda Post.

  1. Mount Merbabu

Mount Merbabu is another active volcano. The stratovolcano type mount is located in Magelang District for the western part, Boyolali District for the southern and eastern part, and Semarang District for the northern part. Mount Merbabu, with an altitude of 3.145 meters above sea level, has erupted in 1560 and 1797. Mount Merbabu has been written in some ancient scripts in pre-Islamic era as Damalung Mount or Pamarihan Mount. Merbabu name is coming from meru (mount) and abu (ash). Besides volcanos, you should also read about the Galapagos Island.

  1. Mount Dieng

Not only being popular of its highland, but there is also an active volcano in Dieng. Administratively, Dieng Mount is located in Banjarnegara, Batang, and Wonosobo Districts. It has six active craters; Condrodimuko, Siglagah, Sikidang, Sileri, Sinilia, and Timbang. The latest eruption of Mount Dieng occurred in 2011, from the Timbang crater in Banjarnegara. Every eruption was accompanied by toxic gas of carbon monoxide. The toxic gas has killed around 149 people in 1979. In several centuries, the Mount Dieng activities was mostly about phreatic eruption and geothermal. Besides volcanoes, Indonesia also has some pretty lakes in Papua.

So that’s the list of 6 volcanoes in Central Java Province, which are mostly active. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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