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The Amazing Uses Of Sea Plants For Medicines You Should Protect

by Vania

The sea plants are one of the natural resources that have many benefits. Not only to its habitat, but also to the human profit such as used as the sources economy of a country, food supply, and the sources of medicines for humans.

Then, how the sea plants can be used as medicines? Well, sea plants contain substances that are very useful in healthcare. In the past, sea plants are often used as a proven alternative or traditional medicine. Then, the question is what kind of sea plants that can be used as medicines? Here the explanation about uses of sea plants for medicines.

  1. Help to accelerate the wounds

One of the uses of sea plants for medicines is helping to accelerate the wounds, why is that so? Like seaweeds – that contains vitamin K, seaweed can be used as a wounds healer. Vitamin K in seaweed coordinates with platelets in the blood clotting, or form. Vitamin K is going to send a signal to the platelets in order to collect and freeze the blood. So, when you get hurt, the wounds and blood will stop flowing. Seaweed is very easy to found and consumed, so you can consume seaweed as an alternative treatment in healing wounds.

  1. Strengthen the bones and teeth

Some sea plants have the ability in strengthen bones and teeth. It is because sea plants also contain calcium, which is good for health. If you have an allergy to milk, you can eat sea plants- that definite edible -to strengthen your bones and teeth.

Similar to a condition when you lack calcium that has an impact on muscle and cells associated with the nervous system. It will make you get easily tired because calcium is vital for the body – in addition to strengthening bones, it can also energize the body.

  1. Slowing the spread of breast cancer

Some sea plants, such as sea kelp or other edible seas plants-can work on treating the breast cancer patient. On some researches and sources say that the marine plants as has been mentioned – can regulate estrogen levels and reduce the risk of breast cancer. You can eat the plants of the sea in accordance with the dosage.

Although eating sea plants to treat the cancer is recommended but it must be noted that there is a possibility that would risk some people who are not able to react on the benefits of sea plants. So, apart from dosing, any sea plants should be well cooked so that the benefits of sea plants are not reduced.

  1. Swelling of the thyroid gland

In threats to sea turtles plants, it also has iodine – like on seaweed – though rare. Iodine is important in the body to maintain a healthy thyroid. Because when the thyroid is troubled or sick, the thyroid will make you more easily fatigued, weak, cholesterol, even the mumps, and the heart until the memory is impaired. You can eat some plants of the sea that has the same properties for the human body.

  1. As an antidepressant

One of the uses of sea plants for medicines is an antidepressant. The sea plants such as sea grapes or green caviar. Green caviar has vitamin B pyridoxine or also known as B6 Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5. These vitamins stimulate the set of glands working so that you don’t run out of steam quickly. In addition, it prevents a sense of tired and depressed. Green caviar is very easy to find but it is usually sold at a high price. Although green caviar is effective in overcoming depressant, you should not consume green caviar in large quantities (consumption to taste) to prevent you from addicted.

  1. Prevent Obesity

The sea plants also can prevent obesity. Why is that so? Like eating caviar green, Green caviar has a pretty low sugar level. However, this sea plant has a vegetable protein, vitamin C, zinc, and calcium and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, green caviar can work as anti constipation which will launch your digestion. Sugar in green caviar will help your digestive system to dispose of the rest of the metabolism that is not needed by the body. Not only green caviar, but you also can eat the plants of the sea that has the same function such as the sea plants that contains fiber.

  1. Improve the performance of the eye and the heart

Some facts about sea lettuce plants also can raise the performance of the eye and the heart. It is supported by seas plant owned content such as AA, DHA, LA, and APA which can improve eyesight, lower cholesterol, keep the structure of collagen, and prevent heart disease. That’s why sea plant cannot only be consumed but can also be used as a traditional remedy or natural treatment.

  1. As the anti-Alzheimer’s

Next, the uses of sea plants for medicines is to work as an anti Alzheimer’s. This functions of oceans regulating climate can be found on coral reefs. Based on research, coral reefs have bioactive compounds that can be used as anti-Alzheimer’s. The compound is called the GTS-12 and sourced from Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae. Coral reefs can be used in the form of traditional medicine that is safe and can minimize side effects. But, do not use excessive coral reefs to maintain the sustainability of the sea, don’t get addicted. 

  1. As the anti-inflammation

What makes endangered sea otter plant work as anti-inflammatories? It is powered by a bioactive compound named manoalide. These compounds are usually found in some plants of the sea, like green caviar or coral reefs. It will support the immune system or the human immune system to be more effective in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Usually, this type of compound is going fit in a respiratory attack cure diseases such as colds, coughs, pneumonia to attack the infection in the body.

  1. As a remedy for asthma

Some threats to sea otter plants can also serve as a remedy for asthma. Like a coral reef that has enzymes, it can become a potential cure for asthma. This will help you to launch a respiratory blockage in the lung and relieve the pain. Usually, this treatment is only used by consuming foods that have antihistamine or anti-inflammatory.

  1. As an anti-tumor

In addition to anti-cancer, sea plants also turned out to be an anti-tumor. Some plants of the sea can be consumed or used as traditional medicine in treating a tumor. This has been done since ancient times when drugs are still hard to find. However, it is now very rare to see how the sea plants are used in overcoming the tumor.

Thus, uses of sea plants for medicine.  That can be used to prevent and treat various diseases naturally. To consume the plants of the sea, it should be done correctly to avoid a risk or harmful things when consumed in the wrong way. Then, do not forget to keep the ocean habitat and the cleanliness of the sea to create blue tips for boating in the ocean. Hopefully, this article will be useful.

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