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25 Beneficial Uses of Ocean Energy

by Ayu Mesdya

Ocean energy divided into two types of energy, they are thermal energy from the sun’s heat and mechanical energy from the tides and waves. Basically, ocean energy is for the electricity generation. Ocean energy is new energy to minimize the use of earth fossils such as coal and petroleum.

Marine energy is very environmentally friendly and does not generate gas emissions on the glass. This time we will talk about 25 uses of ocean energy with the major of ocean energy which the researchers have discovered, here they are.

Below here are the other common uses of ocean energy for our daily life

1. Helping some fisherman

Several of fishermen use the solar energy to help them to catch fishes. By using solar panels, fishermen no longer need to stun the accumulator. This solar technology is very time to save because it does not need to stun batteries for hours. Replacement for a replacement battery is sufficient to produce an onboard illumination. The solar panel is very helpful when fishing at sea at night.

2. Increasing the fishes

The uses ocean energy can increase the appearance of fish diversity. How ? When the sunlight touches the plant, like seaweed. The seaweed will produce some food. Of course, this food is a requirement of fish that live in the sea. Increasing fish in the sea can facilitate farmers in catching fish in the sea.

3. Heating the water

While it is sunny days, you can use the solar panel to heat your water at home.Places several of solar panel on the roof of your house. Then, when the sunlight touches your solar panel. It will be heating your water in your house automatically. Every day you can enjoy a shower with the warm water, right.

4. Charging Batteries

When you have the solar panel, it can use for anything else like charging the batteries. You must have an unused battery, like AAA battery and rectangular pieces of iron sheeting or zinc. Place your battery in the middle of iron. Let your battery bask in the sunlight, and wait for between 1-2 hours. Takes your battery and placed it on your electronic devices, like TV remote or USB mouse.

5. Closed-drying technology

Uncertain weather conditions, making it difficult to dry clothes. With this condition makes the researchers develop closed -drying technology with solar.  The working principle of this dryer is very simple. Sunlight heats the collector plate at the bottom of the dryer box.

When sunlight on the material is dried, the air inside the drying box becomes very hot. Do not worry if when the sun is clouded because the box is made airtight and the temperature inside the box will remain hot. This box can dry foodstuffs such as fish or can also dry clothes.

6. Heating and Cooling the Rooms

Some countries have four seasons, using heating in cold weather, winter. Heating technology has now made use of solar energy. Solar thermal about the solar panel and received by the collector to warm the room. However, air conditioning has also been utilizing solar energy as well. The difference, air conditioning delivering heat from the solar cell to the chiller. Chiller cultivates gas evaporation to produce cold temperatures.

7. Cooking Box Solar

The solar cooker or solar box cooker is a tool for cooking with sunlight. This new method is simple and there is no produces any smoke or greenhouse gases. With this solar box, we just need minimal oil to cooking. The method of cooking with the sun is actually not a new invention.

In 1767 the invention was discovered by a French-Swiss scientist named Horace Benedict de Saussure. He makes a stove (oven) that can heat the water until it reaches its boiling point. This stove has a humid temperature reaching more than 100 degrees Celcius.

8. Seaweed Cultivation

Wave power is one of the ocean energy. In horticulture, farmers can take advantage of the flow of seawater (wave power) for seaweed cultivation and shellfish. This cultivation certainly beneficial for them to generate income. But, they must beware of the strength of the wave power. They may lose their cultivation because it swept away. Read more about Types of Seaweed in the Great Barrier Reef

9Moves the water 

When the winds of sea spinning the turbines that build at the coastal areas. They do not also generate the electricity. When the turbines spinning, it can move the water pump. A moving water pump can help irrigate the fields and help farmers grow crops and also human activities, such as washing clothes. Water pumps powered by wind power make it easy for human labor to no longer pump water. Know more about Movement of Ocean Water

10. Runs any machine

Wind power on the windmill or turbine is also used by humans as an engine drive. We know that this method is not new.The wind power can move several engines, such as moving a grain machine, a wood-cutting machine to a yarn spinning machine. This energy is helpful in the process of grinding, cutting, and spinning. This energy is no need fuel oil or electricity. These alternative energies help people in reducing production costs. Besides this energy is also environmentally friendly and does not cause pollution.

11. Heat Sources for Industry

Industrial companies such as France, use solar energy for heat sources for industry. The stove is high like this tower, it is able to capture the heat of the sun temperature of 3,500 degrees Celsius. Then, from this stove will be directed to a parabolic mirror that serves to increase the heat higher.

The high temperatures in these solar furnaces can be used as an industry-like necessity produce hydrogen from methane molecules or use of power plants. Some developed countries have used this heat source as per their industry needs. Technological and experimental satisfaction continues to take advantage of heat as an alternative energy.

12. Commercial Uses

Electric power generated by alternative power can also be used for commercial use. Commercial use here can be used facilities in government, as well as in various sectors such as retail, offices, education, institutions and the public.

With this, in addition to improving the economy of a particular region or country, electricity with this alternative energy can meet the needs in various sectors. Source based, the biggest use of electricity in a country, like the United States. This is about 35% used for housing. The use of cooling, such as refrigerators and air conditioners are the largest usages of electricity in the US. Read more about Economic Uses of Ocean

13. Make the fresh water for drinks

The sea is the second source of water for human consumption. Some technologies like the hybrid cycle. The hybrid cycle connects between closed and open systems where the water is warm will enter in a vacuum chamber and become steam.This technology not only produces hydrogen gas which is used to power a hybrid vehicle and produce clean water consumed, used in agriculture and used in cooling air and cooling the local buildings.

14. Natural drive for sailboat

Some traditional fishermen still use wind energy to control the boat. Until now this method is still used for sailing. In addition, the cost is cheaper, it is not polluting and environmentally friendly. However, the weakness, fishermen can only find fish at night and if the wind is too big, makes the fisherman can not go sailing to find fish. This energy as a driving sailing ship, it has existed since the time of our ancestors first.
In that time, there’s no machine to drives the boat like now.

15. Help to spread the seeds

The benefits of this alternative energy are not only felt by humans, but also for the plants. Such as the spread of pollen on flowers and plants. This process helps them in producing food for them. As well as the spread of pollen in plants, wind energy helps human to spread the seeds of fish for cultivation. Catfish is one of the fish that is often cultivated because this fish is a great demand by the community.

16. Drains the crops

Utilization of heat and wind energy is very helpful to farmers or fishermen. For example, like drying their crops like rice, wheat, corn and so on. If the fishermen, the sunlight help to produce salt in the sea-salt, dry the seafood such as salted fish and other seafood has been salted. The results of dried or dried foods facilitate farmers and fishermen in reducing production costs. Fewer production costs, making them earn more and enough for daily needs.

17. Lights overall residential environment

The electrical energy generated by ocean energy is quite large. It is about 50,000 watts. It is not only electricity in one house only. But one city and even one country can get electricity with this energy. City lights, residential areas for all our needs that use the flow of electricity can be met well. But unfortunately, experiments using electricity with ocean energy is only a small part.

18. Runs  any motor vehicle

Transportation is one of the secondary human needs. By means of transportation, we can travel a short distance or distance. Now there are many means of transportation with solar or electric power. But its use is still not evenly distributed. Some people still use transportation with fuel.

The reason is that the price of transportation with this new energy is still quite expensive and the distribution as well uneven. Hopefully, with the development of the times, we can feel the transportation with this solar power reduce pollution and extremes of climate change due to global warming.

19. Turns on several electronic devices

The electricity that generated by the ocean energy, it has a considerable power. This electricity is not just can flow the electricity in one house. But, this flow of this electricity can be used by all of the residential areas within a city. and the lamps of the town’s streets. Besides, you can turn on some electronic devices too such as televisions, computers, stoves and other devices that use electricity.

20. Salinity Gradient

Salinity gradient power creates between fresh and salt water when a river flows into the sea. Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) is one of the demonstration projects to separate seawater from fresh water. Osmotic energy is one of the desalination processes. Read more about  Use of Salinity in Ocean

This process uses salty water in the salinity gradient to separate salty water. The use of this technology can prove that a mixture of seawater and fresh water can generate electrical energy. This tool can be placed adjacent to the desalination device. This technology is applied in several countries such as Australia and the country of Asia with its saltwater source. The construction of an osmotic power plant here is ideal because saltwater comes from soil desalination. Besides, salty water in several countries can produce some salts from the heating of sunlight.

21. Biofuel

Fuel oil is needed humans to run transportation, such as cars, motor materials ship. The high level of fuel consumption, making researchers innovate to create alternative fuels. Biofuel is one of the alternative fuels made from macroalgae. Why are macroalgae chosen as one of biofuel feedstock? The reason is macroalgae contains substances carbohydrates, that can be fermented into alcohol, processed into proteins food and beauty products and Triacylglycerols are converted into fatty acids where vegetable oil contained in it is very large.

These three main components are contained in this algae which led researchers to choose algae as an alternative feedstock for biofuels. The larger the fatty acids contained in the algae the larger the biodiesel. Besides, another reason that makes the researchers choose it as an alternative raw material because it can be cultivated in seawater and fresh water, even in wet and humid areas such as mountains and snow.

22. Water Sports

The beach is famous for its waves, right? Some people take advantage of the beach to build a hotel or resorts. The goal is to increase tourists to visit the beach. Wave energy is utilized by humans to do some water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, even kite surfing. These water sports are not only providing entertainment for tourists but also a driving force in improving the economy and employment.

23. Reducing  the Global Warming

Excellence in the use of ocean energy is that we have just saved our earth. Create alternative energy to help our daily lives. This could reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Marine energy is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It also has the potential to reduces carbon emissions also the climate changes. Creating protection for wildlife which is the advantage of fishery resources. You may want to read about Impact of Global Warming on Marine Life

24. The Economic will be growth

Electricity generated by the new energy it can increase economic growth. Why? The reason is that the price of electricity generated by this energy is low than fossil fuel prices. Electricity with this new energy can also be export to surrounding areas and market nearby. Besides, this electricity with new energy can be used in several sectors like the public, government, offices, residential and more. This new electricity is the great alternative for us. It is no pollution and it is saved for our earth.

25. Investing in ocean energy

Ocean energy is a new alternative energy and technology in its development. Some major countries like Europe or America invest some funds to research and develop more about this alternative technology. Some countries like in Europe, invest in ocean energy. Marine energy technology does require a lot of funds. This technology has a considerable cost of treatment. Until now this technology will continue to develop
until finally this technology can be used by all people in the world. Hopefully, with this investment, it can develop in the future.

Hopefully, this article can help you to find what are the 25 uses of ocean energy in our daily life also their major of ocean energy that we must know. With the new energy that is environmentally friendly, we can keep the earth better and can preserve the marine ecosystem. Save our ocean and uses of ocean energy as well as possible. You can also read others of the ocean like these are:

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