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6 Main Threats to Marine Biodiversity

by Stephanie

Even if human is claimed as the smartest living beings on earth they will face extinction if there is no other species that support them to live. The diversity among us should not be erase and we have to protect it and it will be protect us in the same way.

Flood that happen during the rainy seasons is happened because human throw trash everywhere, they also cut many tree for their own benefit. Their act of not protecting the nature is got the payback from the nature which is a bad payback. When human don’t care about the way how to save our dying earth, they ignore the global warming in ocean and land. And if the ice in the pole is melting, there is a possibility that all things on earth including skyscrapers, and even island can be drown as the result of our ignorance. So, for you who still care about our dying earth especially our diversity in marine life I would like to inform you the threats to marine biodiversity.

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1. Exploitation

Exploitation is any act of human being of taking natural resources too much. Exploitation also can be defined as the act of human being taking a big number of population where the population it self can’t replace the number that has been taken by human. It is like human taking five from six population of fish. The time that the fish it self to recover and reach the number of six is longer than the time than human need to exploit the fish.

When this kind of act is still going continuously, surely all living beings on marine will extinct and human will have no more food supply of fish. Exploitation also came from the coral reef. Coral reef is being taken by human to be sold as the aquarium ornaments. Don’t you know that coral reef has the function to break the waves so the waves that you feel in the beach is not too powerful. When the coral reef number is decreasing, beach will not be a fun recreation place anymore.

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2. Pollution

Technology is made to help human work easier and faster. The existence of technology it self not only bring us positive impact but also bad impact. Taking an example of technology in transportation field such us car, motorcycle, and ship. These transportation is using fossil fuel that produce waste emission that can polluting our earth. Ship that sail in the sea can produce waste emission that can pollute both the air and the sea water. Every bird that flies above the sea will inhale the polluted air that could damage their respiratory system and lead them to death.

The same thing will happen to the marine mammals that usually shows up in the sea water surface to breathe. Even the fish beneath the sea also need oxygen by sucking the sea water, and if the air is polluted, surely all fish beneath the sea will die. The oil that drops from the ship into the sea make it worse too. Since the oil is made for machine and not for living beings’s body, there are some chemicals inside it that could lead living beings to death.

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3. Habitat Loss

Habitat loss is the next threats to marine biodiversity. Fisherman will do anything to catch their prey as much as they can. They can use various way to do fisheries such as the using of trawl, bomb, and dope. The using of bomb isn’t only lead the fish to death but also damaging the coral reef so badly. Coral reef has become a place for many fish to rely their life on. Some species of fish are not only live inside the coral but also make coral reef as their food.

There is also another case of a citizen who illegally sell the sea sand to another country. They use some certain technology to suck the sand and without they realize they also can suck some water animal that live in the sand that usually bury them self with the sea sand. During the delivery to the other country, this water animal could die. And, even if they survive they may not live for long because they can’t adapt with the new environment. The sea sand sucking also could destroy the place where the coral reef lives.

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4. Species Invasion

I know that there are some people who try to protect the marine biodiversity. But sometimes their lack of knowledge can become another threats to marine biodiversity. When some people are trying to breed some certain species of marine animals, they usually let the species go to the wild with hope they could survive and breed more babies so it will prevent the extinction of some certain species. The time when human release the species that they breed may become a threat to the marine biodiversity.

Thus, they usually only release the marine animals to the nearest beach or sea with their conservation place. This act will be just fine when the conservation place is located at the marine animal native habitat that they take care of. If it isn’t, people who release the marine animal that they have been take care of could just disturbing the food chain in the sea. Taking a simple example, you want to release ten shark into the sea which is not the native habitat of the shark it self. The shark that you released will slowly eat more fish that is below them in the food chain. When there is more carnivore than the herbivore of course both animals will die because of he high number of predation and the non existence of food.

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5. Climate Change

Basically, our earth climate do change because the age of earth it self is getting older. But, the existence of vehicle and factory emission are making the climate change it self happen faster. Smoke that is being produced by vehicle and factory will go out to the atmosphere and trapped there, because the smoke is containing the toxic chemicals such as carbon dioxide and monoxide that cause the green house effect. The green house effect may cause global warming that can cause many bad effect to all living beings. Taking an example of the ice in the pole, global warming may cause the ice melt and let the world drown.

Another example is the increasing number of the death water living being. Molluscs and crustaceans are two from many water living being that is so sensitive of the temperature change and they could die faster compare to another water living being. When crustaceans and molluscs that became a prey for another water animals die, for sure the food chain above them will be disturbed and could lead the extinction.

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All of the threats basically comes from our own self, so make sure you keep everything in balance and do not become a greedy person. So that’s all the main threats for marine biodiversity that not only became the threats for marine biodiversity but also human being. Hopefully this article is inspire you to do more and to save more living being and to keep the ecosystem in balance.  Thank you for reading this article until the end which means you do really concern about our marine biodiversity. Don’t forget to keep reading and updating the news about deep ocean with us.

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