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15 Threat to Ocean Organisms

by Ayu Mesdya

Everyone well known about the ocean, it appears to be nothing more than a big basin and filled with water. Therefore it is hard to imagine that under the water there is a rich. Rich of the ocean is community of organism or we known as ocean organism.

Ocean organism live in a variety of underwater habitats and the habitats very based on the chemical and physical properties of ocean. Ocean organism such as plankton, plants and algae or we known as seaweed, invertebrates i, fish, and marine mammals.Now these all richest was not in good  condition, and it will be threaten.So, there are 15  threat to ocean organisms.

1. llegal Fishing

Illegal fishing can threats to ocean lifes. Why? Because illegal fishing also did fishing with no excuse to the habitats. Illegal fishing all the times comes and carries fish with big amounts over years to years. Some methods to get fishes, marine mammals, corals and other are different. Example illegal fishing usually use big net like muro ami. Muro ami fishing was a traditional fishing and fishers usually get fishes between 3-4 pounds. How to get fish with this technique ? Fisher must diving in 4 meters deep in the sea.

Then, they also used compressor and this’s danger. Fisherman could be death because muro ami fishing. Muro ami fishing could be danger with the environments of the ocean too. Because it destroy corals from the reefs. Not only corals, fishes who lifes in the ocean is threats too caused the corals was damaged. Until now, fishers still use this technique to get the fishes. Cause the cost is cheap and because it’s cheap, fishers never let go this technique. And primary needs is always the reason too for aside to protect the nature.

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2. Bom Fishing

Bom fishing, the second way to get big amount fishes too. Bom fishes usually still used by local fisherman. Diffrences from the illegal fishing, fishers use a bom and he throws it to the river or ocean then it blow up and within a minute died fishes floats on the river or ocean. Bom fishes also dangerous not only for the ocean organisms but for the fisherman too. Their could be death too if he was not carefully and using bom fishes could blew up and burning their boat. If we read many cases about bom fishing was always horrible.

Boats burns on the middle of sea and the burns hit the fishers until air pollution. If this happens, all ocean organisms will be threat because pollution. Like air pollution and oil spills. Even its danger fishers still did bom fishing and never stopped.

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3. Cyanide Fishing

Cyanide Fishing is  the example destruktif fishing with posion that will be negative effect to all ocean organisms. Cyanide is the danger posion because it can kill all the animals and plants in the sea. But, the reallity fisherman always using this way to get fish fastest. And with this, he gets many fish at the less times. Otherwise, to make cyanide fisherman use chemical fertilizers and every cyanide bom the weight is more less 1kg. It can blew up and killing fishes in 15-20 meters radius. Even fishes died, it still contain the cyanide and while we eat this cyanide it will contain our body. Thats why this way is very dangerous and stop cyanide fishing.

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4. Over Harvesting

Over harvesting fish can be threat to ocean organisms. Why? Because when will we catch fishes or coral with big amounts it makes unbalanced life on sea. Another case there was fisher did over harvesting with oxygen carbon. We know that oxygen carbon one of dangerous chemical and that chemical can kill any ocean organisms lifes. Altough losing species as well as entire ecosystems, our ocean are under stress and at risk collapse.

5. Air Pollution

Air pollution is the condition when there’re more chemical substantion on atmosfer with dangerous amount. It’ll dangerous with human health, animals also plants. Air pollution disturbing pleasant lives and damaged property. Air pollution caused by industrial pollution, any motor vehicle etc. Usually pollution will settle in water pipes then goes to sea. Then, sea will contain with the pollution and make threat of ocean organism lifes.

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6. Plastic Waste 

Waste is ones of the threats too and many of waste comes from household and urban citizens. Big one of them is plastics. Plastic have 100 chemicale types and poisoned. That dangerous chemical was very bad for human and fishes body. This disposal taken along river then to the sea. Plastic will be eaten by fishes and almost of them die. Because after fish eating plastic chemical in plastic settled in fish body. And if we eat this fish who contain plastic it will be effect with our body.When consumed plastic in long term, it’ll get cancer and tumor.

7. Detergent Waste

Detergent usually help us to cleaning; like clothes. Composition of the detergent is contain with some active chemical, like surface active agent, phosphat,sitrat etc. This active chemical could release sticking dirts on the clothes. When our water washing throw out into the water or river, water pollution was began. From the river goes down to the sea and  if the chemical of detergent difficult to strands it will makes life in the ocean organisms threaten. Not only  the organisms be threaten too but  habitats area will be threaten. Such as fitoplankton, zooplankton, protozoa etc.

Detergent waste even threat to habitats of ocean organism it could be threat for human’s health too. While water contamined with detergent waste and we drink that water it could be danger be our health. Know what ? Detergent waste was throw out to river could foment the outgrowth of water hyacinth. The water hyacinth is one of floating plants with big oval leaves. It growth fast and could cover the rivers and make underwater never get any sunlights and no oksigen in there. Also make fishes around there moves to others area to get an oxygent.

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8. Coral Minning

Riches of sea, coral reef is beauty riches world ever had but some people willing get the coral with the others way. Coral minning such of illegally mining and they do this to get much money with high prices. Activity of this mining could be effects with all marine lifes, no more home for all fishes and ecosystems will be unbalanced.

9. Industrial Effluent

Industry that be at the coastal area give big threats of marine life, not only the gas also the chemical who drooped away around the sea. If this industry over and over working at least ten years the ocean turn to a dumps. Gas waste also taken out to make others animals also human had trouble to breathing.

10. Agricultural Effluent

80 % pollution of sea all the world was caused from soil. Agricultural effluent most caused it by pesticide used. Pesticide contain with DDT chemical will influence the fishes. This DDT will change behaviour of fishes and obstruct the ovulation also killed fishes.

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11. Less of Mangroves

Mangroves forest is important to keep from abrasion. Mangrooves live life on edge, these botanical amphibians occupy a zone of dessicating heat,choke muds and salt levels that would kill an ordinari plant within hours.  Mangroves provide nursery grounds for fish. However some people cut off the mangrooves and build  a fish pond. People that build over fish pond make the population of mangrooves less. The facts, there is no mangroove more growth at the coastal area and it will disturb balanced lifes of ocean, like fishes. Besides, it will happen the big wave rise and abrasion could be eat the island.

12. Sand Mining

Sand mining is a forbidden activity that because while people did sand mining muddy water will be happen. The increase of the muddy water makes coral reefs polluted. Then, if this activity often did this activity makes fisherman doesn’t get any fishes. Sand mining it is not only get a sand but some fish eggs, little fish, corals and some other marines life will be get in sand mining.

13. Pollution of Cruise Ship

Cruise ship is one of  a marine transport and pollution from ship also  increased. Huge cruise pollution is caused by sewage. Sewage or black water around 3.000 gallons of it is deposited into the ocean. Sewages includes waste from the toilets and health facilities provides in cruise ship. Sewage contain a lot of  bacteria and algae. If it over and over deposited into the ocean it will be effects entire marine eco-system.

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14. Noise Pollution

Cruise ship are known for their entertainment value. But, every entertainment goes to cruise ship the noise pollution make some effect especially to the marine animals and mammals who has sensitive hearing and it gets harmed and delibated. Two main reasons that make environmental impact of noise in marine life especially grave are firstly noise travels much more in water and secondly because the marine life is extremely sensitive to noise pollution.

15. Climate Change

Even wich oceans are warming the temperature rise over the past century at about 0.1 degree Celcius. That number is enough to kill the algae that keep corals alive, some species moves into new areas. Climate change happens because the activity of human. Years after year population of human increase and activity of human growth increase too.

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Those are all information and also useful explanation for those who want to know and maybe never know before about how many threats which usually affected to ocean organisms existence. Therefore, from now on, we must keep the sustainable life of ocean organisms to maintain the stability of life on earth.

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