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Learning the Difference Between Beach and Coast

by Widiya

Planet Earth consists of waters and terrestrial ecosystems. Bodies are nominated by oceans or marine ecosystems while the mainland is islands that seem to float in these vast waters. As for the island itself, there is water which does not have a taste or we call it fresh water. Comparison of land and sea on the surface of this Earth is 2/3 compared to 1/3 where the 2/3 is the ocean and the rest is land. Thus, we know that ocean is wider than the land.

The boundaries between land and sea are often referred to as coastal areas. If we discuss it in the context of tourism, we will rarely use the word coastal to refer to the border between sea and land. But the word we will often use is the beach.

Sure enough, beach is popular in the world of tourism, especially in Indonesia. However, is there a difference between the beach and the coast? Now, on this occasion, we will discuss these two interrelated terms and the differences between them. So that we can know exactly what is called a coast and what is called a beach. We will discuss it starting from the understanding.

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Understanding Coast

Well, let’s start with meaning of coastal! We have often heard the word coastal, and in our minds, the coast is an area that is on the seafront or land directly adjacent to the sea. That is indeed true. But, it is necessary to know more about the coast. We are certainly no stranger to the tidal phenomenon that occurs in seawater. Now, what is called the actual coast is the tidal area so that we can know that the coast is an area where when the sea is tidal, this area is submerged in water, while when the seawater recedes, this area is not submerged by water.

Understanding Beach

Next, what is beach? Of course, it is no longer new thing to us. Yes, the beach is a border area between the land and the sea directly. This beach is really the boundary between sea and land. Because of the border, the beach seems to form a line so that many people call it the coastline. This line separates land and sea.

Beach and Coast Differences

From the description above, it has been conveyed about the understanding of the beach and also the understanding of the coast. Is it clear enough not about the definition of both? These two terms are indeed different but are very closely related to one another. Even these two cannot be separated. But of course, there are significant differences between the two.

The length of the beach has similarities with the length of the coast, but the width of the coast can vary from one another. For example, on a sloping beach, the width of the coast will be wider than on a steep beach. This is because, on a gentle beach, seawater will soak more land than on steep beaches that are blocked by walls from corals, rocks, and so on.

That is the difference regarding the beach and the coast.

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