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25 Social Effects of Ocean Pollution

by Fitriani

Ocean pollution happens when the ocean is full of waste and other harmful chemicals. Not only does it affects the marine population, it can also affect humans too. There are direct and indirect effects from the ocean pollution to human beings. Despite all that, the effects should be taken seriously as they can negatively impact the human population. Here are the 25 Social Effects of Ocean Pollution that you should know about.

1. Spread Disease

Ocean pollution increases the chance of diseases spreading between marine creatures and also humans. Since some regions of the oceans have highly polluted water, they become the perfect breeding place for types of ocean bacterias and viruses. They will spread throughout the water system and into the air. They will also affect through the food that we consume.

2. Unsafe Water Source

Oil pollution for one is a very bad news for the ocean. It harms everything it touches. Also, it takes many years for the water to recover. The same thing also applies to waste that is collecting in the ocean. It causes the water to become toxic. Our largest water source comes from the ocean. If the ocean water is polluted then we are going to get affected too.

3. Reduction in Fish Consumption

Ocean pollution kills many marine creatures that live in the water. The creatures are vulnerable to to poisonous toxins that the pollution creates. Thus, there is a decrease in the reproduction of fish. Many of them die from the pollution. This will cause a reduction in fish consumption that is needed among humans.

4. Lack of Salt

There would be a lack of salt production which will affect everyone. A huge source of the salt that you have in your home actually comes from the ocean. But since the ocean water is becoming more and more polluted, the salt production could experience a downfall. The ocean may not be able to offer healthy ocean water and salt rocks for us. Read more about Salinity of Ocean Water

5. Loss of Jobs

Another social effect from the ocean pollution is the loss of jobs. The job industry surrounding the ocean environment can get affected negatively. Since the pollution highly kills most vegetation and animals in the ocean, the fishing industry may no longer be able to provide a certain number of production. As a result, they won’t have sources of income anymore.

6. High Number of Deaths

The number of death among people could increase to the ocean pollution. The ocean has a huge role in neutralising the air around us. All the pollution causes a disruption in its natural cycle. There could be more disease and illness relating to the poor air quality. Some people will become vulnerable and unfortunately die from the long-term effects.

7. Leaving Nothing to the Next Generation

When the ocean pollution continues for the next couple of years, then the complete degradation of the ecosystem becomes worse. That could mean that the ocean will no longer have its former condition. The next human generation may not have a fully healthy ocean. There could even be the possibility that they won’t even have an ocean.

8. Lack of Tourism

There will be a lack of tourism if the pollution in the ocean get worse. The pollution will cause the ocean to have major changes within its own ecosystem. The coral reefs would die and so would other marine creatures. People can no longer hold tourism because there won’t be anything to see anymore. You may want to read about

9. No Clean Beaches

The beach is one of the most beloved places on earth. People would go to the beach during their weekends or vacation. However, the pollution can cause the beaches to become dirty. Litter and accumulated waste are not a pretty sight in beaches. Dirty beaches are not only unpleasant to be in, they are also unsafe because there are harmful materials all around.

10. Less Recreational Places

If the amount of pollution increases, then that means more beaches will get affected too. People will have less recreational places they can go to since the beach is out of the option. They can’t enjoy the water in the ocean or the amazing view it offers. They also won’t be able to absorb all those good sun rays anymore.

11. Loss of Educational Environment

The ocean is a large environment that provides an educational ground for people. Other than gaining knowledge from books or TVs, people can come to the ocean to learn about things by themselves. They can also learn from marine tourism. With ocean pollution, the environment might not be suitable for people to go to anymore. However, they can still learn about the effects that pollution has on the marine ecosystem.

12. Loss of Research Environment

Besides being a huge potential for an educational environment, the ocean is also a place for research. All kinds of scientists are conducting research and studies every day for the benefit of humans and other creatures on earth. Pollution will definitely disrupt most of these studies.

13. Potential Reduction in Medicine

Most medicine comes from the creatures that live in the ocean. They provide insight to more knowledge about how diseases work. Moreover, they also provide new medicine from their body parts. But since ocean pollution will kill most of them off, humans will experience a slow down in medicine research too.

Others (14-25)

Here are more social effects of ocean pollution.

  • Dirty Waterways: They distribute dirty water.
  • Stronger Storms: Destroy homes.
  • Increased Natural Disaster: Can kill many people.
  • Loss of Land: Waste takes up space in the land around ocean.
  • Loss of Homes: From job loss or natural disasters.
  • Destroy Aquaculture: Unhealthy ocean water.
  • Rising Water Temperature: Increase global warming in Ocean.
  • Sea Level Rise: Takes up land.
  • Affect Human Organs: Poison in fish.
  • Create New Virus: Toxic pollutant in ocean water.
  • Worse Global Warming: Caused by unhealthy ocean circulation.
  • Loss of Shipping: Ocean becomes more dangerous for ships.

The only way to reduce all these effects is to actively take part in preventing ocean pollution. You can help in preventing the pollution from the smallest thing such as recycling. The smallest action can end up bringing the most positive impact to the ocean.

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