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Know the List of 9 Most Dangerous Marine in the World

by Widiya

bermuda triangleThere is about 70% of our planet Earth consisting of oceans. Some parts of the ocean offer various kinds of beauty that are no less beautiful than on land. Every place in the world certainly has its own beauty and uniqueness to the ocean. Even some of them keep mysteries and dangers so we need to be vigilant when visiting these places.

The area of ​​the sea in the world that goes into the most dangerous sea in the world, until now needed experienced experts and high caution to be able to survive when visiting this place. It is no wonder if life can be at stake. Here is a list of the most dangerous seas in the world, let us see!

1. Bermuda Triangle

Maybe most of us are familiar with the name of the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Americas or precisely located in the waters near Bermuda Island, namely Puerto Rico and Port Lauderdale. In this area, it is very well known as a place for the disappearance of ships to planes that are passing through this area. The disappearance of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle has been recorded since the 1900s even before. If it has entered this area, it is certain that the plane and ship would disappear and the carcass would be found empty or the passengers and crew would also be disappeared. Many people suspect that in the Bermuda Triangle there is a very large magnetic field that can attract ships and planes that are crossing this area.

2. South China Sea

The sea which is adjacent to the Indonesian state is also considered to be a dangerous sea in the world. It is noted that in the South China Sea there were frequent ship accidents and a total of 239 accidents had occurred in 1999. Boat and aircraft accidents are usually caused by climate change which can change suddenly. And that is certainly very dangerous for shipping and also flights that are crossing the South China Sea region.

3. Great Blue Hole

When viewed from above, the blue hole in the middle of the ocean is very beautiful. But behind its beauty are dangers that lurk for divers. The origin of the Great Blue Hole originates from the ruins of a river channel located off the coast of the country of Belize, precisely on the east coast of Central America. The Great Blue Hole is the most dangerous place in the sea because it has stalagmites and stalactites that can collapse at any time. And not infrequently the sea waves appear and turn the Great Blue Hole into a large whirlpool that can attract anything that is on the surface. Not only that, inside the Great Blue Hole is a habitat for marine animals such as giant groupers, reef sharks and black tip sharks.

4. Boa Viagem

One of the places in Mexico has a dangerous sea in Boa Viagem. This place often gets attacks from sharks. The sharks use troughs on the edge of the ocean as a migration route and also for hunting. So do not be surprised if there are humans who are doing activities in these waters will get a sudden attack from the group of sharks.

5. Gansbaai

Gansbaai is a famous fishing village in the Western Cape, South Africa. This village offers a beautiful view of the sea and extreme tourism, which is swimming with the wildest sharks in the world, namely white sharks. Gansbaai is referred to as a place with the largest population of white sharks in the world, so it is not surprising if the waters of Gansbaai become a gathering place for white sharks. Therefore also, researchers from all over the world came to this place to do research on white sharks. If you visit and decide to swim in these waters, you certainly have to be careful and it’s good not to swim when the seals are breeding because at that time white sharks often emerge from the sea to hunt seals.

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6. Blue hole

In addition to America, Egypt also has a beautiful blue hole in Dahab. This blue hole turned out to be enough to kill divers who tried to enter this hole. There are around 130 – 200 divers who were killed while diving and it is still unknown what caused the deaths of the divers. However, most of the deceased divers experience nitrogen narcosis or loss of consciousness due to the misguided effects of high doses of nitrogen after diving to a depth of 20 meters.

7. The Southern Ocean

If you think the southern part of the Earth is only an ice land, you need to think again. There is also an ocean that can be said to be very dangerous in the world. For ships passing through the ocean area, of course, they will meet with fragments of giant ice cubes. For ships that are damaged during the trip, it becomes a disaster and never expects to get help in these waters because it is not possible. In addition to pieces of ice, large waves and wind often appear in this region.

8. Indian Ocean

Nearly a quarter of the world’s waters are part of the Indian Ocean. As the warmest ocean in the world, the Indian Ocean also often experiences tropical storms, especially monsoons and cyclones. Of course, this is very dangerous for flights and shipping that is crossing the Indian Ocean. However, there are still other dangers lurking in the Indian Ocean, there are pirate groups that control these waters. This pirate comes from Somalia and often hijacks goods ships and fishermen who are crossing Somalia. These pirates are not reluctant to hold the crew and crew to ask for ransom, so it is not surprising that many shipping industries refuse to pass through this area or the company is willing to pay more if it wants to operate the Indian Ocean.

9. Queensland

As one of the second largest countries in Australia, Queensland has beautiful and very famous sea views, especially the Pacific Ocean and the Coral Sea. But every year there are frequent attacks by thousands of box jellyfish living on the northern coast of Australia. There have been at least 70 deaths since 1883 and this attack took place between October and April. Box jellyfish produce poisons that can cause heart failure for swimmers who are swimming in the region.

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