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5 Lakes in Thailand You Need to Know

by Reananda Hidayat Permono

Besides the historical temples, Thailand also has some lakes for popular tourist destinations. So, here are the 5 lakes in Thailand you need to know. You may also need to know about the 10 largest lakes in the world.

  1. Nong Harn Lake

The Nong Harn Lake, is located in Kumphawapi District, Udon Thani, about 564 km from Bangkok, attracts so many tourists in Thailand. This lake has more visitors around October or after rainy season, since the 8.000 acre of lake surface will be covered with lotus plants. Thousands of lotus plants are on the water surface and got peaked in December. In order to witness this rare occasion, you should visit the lake during the day when the flowers are blossoming. The visitors could also rent some boats to enjoy the Nong Harn Lake or Red Lotus Lake. However, these lotus season will be end in March. So you need to come before that to experience the beauty of the Nong Harn Lake. There are also some popular lakes in Vietnam.

  1. Songkhla Lake

The Songkhla Lake is also one of the 5 lakes in Thailand you need to know. The Songkhla Lake is one of the biggest natural lakes in Thailand, it’s located near the Melayu Peninsula, in the southern part of Thailand. It has an area of 1.040 km2 and is bordered with Phatthalung and Songkhla Provinces. Many people assume that it’s a lake, even though it’s actually a geological lagoon. No wonder the Songkhla Lake is divided into three parts. The southern part is a strait with a width of 380 km and contains brackish water in the Thailand Bay.

The second part, from the center up to the north, is called Thale Luang, the northern part itself is filled with mangrove with an area of 28 km2 in Thale Noi, Phatthalung Province. The Songkhla Lake also has a cape, with 75 km long, that splits the lake from the sea. Historically, the lake water was coming from sea when the land had gradually sited up. There are some popular lakes in Papua, Indonesia.

  1. Cheow Lan Lake

The Cheow Lan Lake, or Rajjaprabha Dam, is located in the Khao Sok National Park, Surat Thani Province. The artificial lake has an area of 165 km2 and is built in 1982 by the government as the hydroelectricity power. The natural landscape is also beautiful, such as the Khao Sok Forest that is fully filled with wild animals. For enjoying the Cheow Lan Lake, the visitors can use boat from the 500 Rei Lake and get passed the remarkable Pakarang Cave. Furthermore, they also provide some floating restaurants that provide local cuisine. There are some benefits of surface water you need to read.

  1. Phayao Lake

The Phayao Lake is located in northern part of Thailand. The lake has an area of 2,3 km2 on 380 m above sea level. It has an average depth of 1,7 m. The lake gets its name from the city of Phayao that is located in the southeast from the lake. The Phayao Lake is actually an artificial lake that was built in 1939 for irrigation purpose. There is a temple, called Wat Tilok Aram, at the bottom of the lake. The temple was built around 15th century and got drowned after the making of the Phayao Lake. The lake is currently used as tourism spot. So many tourists visit the lake during afternoon to enjoy the sunset.

  1. Bueng Boraphet

The Bueng Boraphet is the largest lake and swamp in Thailand. It has an area of 224 km2, located in the east of Nakhon Sawan as a meeting point between Nan and Ping Rivers. Bueng Boraphet was originally covered by a big swamp and flooded due to the dam construction in 1930. It was a habitat for the white eyed river martin (bird species) during winter before 1980. In 1975, around 106 km2 of the lake area was determined as no-hunting area. In 2000, it was designated a wetland of international importance by the Thai government. Some abiotic components exist in our life.

So there are the 5 lakes in Thailand you need to know and visit when you are in Thailand. Thanks for reading.

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