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15 Interesting Facts of Ocean Acidification

by Stephanie

What do you know about ocean acidification? Maybe you can define it as a change of ocean water pH level because of some factors and since there are some impacts, people are trying to do some kind of prevention of ocean acidification. The impact of this ocean acidification can be vary, including the social impacts of ocean acidification.

Somehow in fact, there are more things that is interesting to talk about the ocean acidification. Because of this, today I would like to share you with about some interesting facts of ocean acidification.

1. It changes the carbonate chemistry of seawater

The first fact is that ocean acidification can change the carbonate chemistry of seawater. This is because there are some kind of chemical element that is increasing in term of concentration but there are also some that is decreasing. The element that might change whether it is increasing or decreasing are carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen, bicarbonate ions, and carbonate ions.

2. Marine organism will spend more energy because of it 

The change in pH caused by ocean acidification lead the ocean animals body to adapt with this condition. Somehow, their cells is also trying to adapt where the adaption it self will take more effort and energy. Maybe that can be seen by our naked eyes to know that the marine animal for example spend more energy because of the changes in pH is based on the amount of food that they eat, maybe they will also move slower.

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3. Creates a higher sensitivity of marine organism 

I see that any kind of change may create some sort of depression because it will force the organism surround that changes to adapt. Because of this change, some marine organism that have a high sensitivity of changes will experience a higher sensitivity. These organism are such as corals and bivalves.

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4. Creates many biological impact 

Another interesting facts of ocean acidification is that it can be the cause of many biological impact. This biological impact occur due to the different reaction of marine living beings toward the change. Because there are so many living being beneath the ocean and the biological impact can also be vary this also means that to fix this will take a lot of time since the thing that need to be fix is also vary.

5. Reduce the ability to grow and recover

Even during the normal and balance condition, our body still need to fulfill some amount of nutrient. The lack of nutrient inside our body may be caused by our bad life style. More over, during the unbalance condition where the pH level change.

The body will surely will concentrate more on how the body can adapt with the new condition rather than grow or recover from something. This may become a reason from many reason why the ability to grow and recover for any kind of marine organism is slightly slow when the ocean acidification level is change.

6. It won’t kill the marine live

Even though there is a change in pH level but somehow this is not become one of the threats to marine ecosystems. Somehow organism body will still try to adapt with a new environment so they can survive. Maybe if in the end the concentration level exceed the ability of the marine organism it might kill all organism but not directly.

7. Areas become particularly vulnerable

Some areas become particularly vulnerable because it experiences the ups and downs of many things. Such as, temperature, pH, and many other things.  So, no wonder if you will find some kind of changes in the particular area that experience the ocean acidification. Without any further improvement on how to fix these areas, these areas will experience a worse situation.

8. The level of acidification may be unprecedented

Another interesting facts of ocean acidification is that it might be unprecedented. This is means that the acidification of the ocean that we see or that the ocean experience today may not be happened in the past. Maybe in the past, the level of ocean water pH is not as high as today.

9. Ocean recovery will take a long time

Ocean pollution may cause serious damage towards the ocean ecosystem and environment. One of the damage caused by the ocean pollution is the changes in pH water level or we do also know this condition as ocean acidification. Even though the damage maybe not that big but somehow to let the ocean to be recover takes a long time. It can takes like a million or a century.

10. Can be balanced by reducing the nutrient runoff

In order to get the pH level in the ocean back to its balance level there are some action of reducing the nutrient runoff. Actually this kind of action can be done but surely it will take some time to realize this action till the main goal of making the ocean water pH level in balance is realized.

11. As a prove to marine environment stress

You do know that when human is about to sick, there are some sign appear. Just like human, marine environment can also experience the same thing. The ocean acidification which shows the change in pH also become one of the sign. The sign will continue when this condition become the causes of coral bleaching.

12. Offsetted with the blue carbon

Interesting facts of ocean acidification is that there is a blue carbon beneath the ocean which make the changes of the pH become not too much. The blue carbon is one kind of carbon which can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide so the changes in pH due to the acidification not become worse.

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13. Can exceed the tolerance limit

Even though previously I said that the changes in pH level of ocean water will not kill the marine living beings, but the changes may exceed the tolerance limit of each organism that live in the ocean. When this is happened, it means that there will be less organism that can survive or even no organism at all if the pH level keep exceeding the tolerance limit.

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14. Indirect natural selection

Somehow the change in ocean water pH level can be consider as a change, right? And this change in the nature can be consider as a natural selection, so those who can adapt and survive the current condition is the one who will be seen till for a long period of time.

Natural selection may bring such a good impact where we can only see and have the best organism who has the ability to adapt best towards the environmental changes. But this may also be bad since there will also exist some organism that can’t adapt with the environmental changes and die.

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15. Geo engineering approach 

Another interesting facts of ocean acidification based on a way to solve this problem is that there is a geo – engineering approach to solve it. The approach will require to make the temperature of the ocean water become colder. But somehow based on some experiment and analysis, this kind of approach will not work and it will take a long time since it does not tackle the other factors that may also make the changes in pH level change.

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So those are some interesting facts of ocean acidification that maybe you have not know before. Hopefully, this article can help you to know more about the facts that appear after the ocean acidification condition happened.

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