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What is the Strait? 3 Important Functions for Humans

by Widiya

Indonesia is a maritime country that is a country with a wider sea area compared to its land area. As a maritime country, it is not surprising that Indonesia has a lot of wealth that comes from the sea, from products to countless natural resources.

One of the natural wealth of the sea owned by Indonesia is the strait. The strait is one of the natural features of the sea that is easily found in Indonesia, because almost every separate island is always connected by straits, both straits with large and small scales.

Understanding the Strait

Before starting to learn more about the strait, of course, it is also necessary to know what the strait is. The strait is a narrow sea located between two islands and connecting the two islands. The number of islands in Indonesia, both large islands and small islands, makes the number of straits in Indonesia also increasing.

Just name a few of them are the Sunda Strait that connects between Java and Sumatra Island, or the famous, the Malacca Strait that connects Sumatra and Malaysia. There are many more straits that can be found in Indonesia.

Important Strait Functions for Life

Because it is a link between one island and another, or even with other countries, the strait certainly has a significant function or role. The main function of the strait is, of course, to connect one land to another. In addition, straits also have other important roles, including the following:

1. Sea Transportation Line

The most important role of the strait is as a transportation route. Indonesia consists of various large islands separated by sea including the strait which is also part of the sea, so to be able to reach other islands, the strait is an important transportation route because it is the strait that connects the ocean between the two islands.

2. Abundant Fisheries Sources

Whether you realize or not, the strait is a source of abundant fisheries source. This is because the strait is the sea which is also the path of the fish movement. In addition, the temperature difference between the straits and the high seas is also the reason for the many fish passing by in the strait region. That is why many use the strait as a location for catching strategic fish.

3. Community Economic Center

As one of the important transportation routes, the strait also plays an important role in improving the economy of the surrounding population. Not infrequently in the strait area established public facilities that support the activities of ships that will cross. This is what they can help in improving the economy of the surrounding community.

With the ship going across the strait, many ports are made in the strait region. The existence of this port will then make the ships that want to cross will stop by. The ships that stop by are often a merchant ship which can later benefit the surrounding community.

Besides that, not infrequently the center of civilization or major cities that are advanced is a port city located on the edge of the strait. Just mention Singapore, Istanbul, San Francisco, and many others.

The strait is not only a natural appearance of the sea that arises because of natural phenomena millions of years ago. As a liaison between two land and located in two territorial, strait certainly plays an important role in life.

One very important role of the strait is to become a transportation link between two islands and two countries. This role alone can lead to other more significant roles, such as advancing the economy as well as tourism facilities.

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