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15 Importance of Primary Productivity in Ocean

by Stephanie

There are lots of things happening in an ecosystem. Inside an ecosystem there are two components. The first one is abiotic and the second one is biotic.

And today I would like to explain more about the biotic components and we are going to talk about something inside a plants.

So there are some importance of primary productivity in ocean.

For those of you who doesn’t know what it means, it actually means the process of creating an organic compounds by plants. Now you already know the meaning, so let’s get to know about the primary productivity deeper.

1. To produce food

I think the main importance of primary productivity in the ocean is to produce food. Because there is no other living beings other than plants that can produce food. This also means that plants is supporting the life of other living beings. Without plants means the deep ocean ecosystems won’t stay in balance.

2. Key component of ocean life

At the very basic level we might see that there are several things that is need to be fulfilled in order to support a life. Some of it are water, sunlight, and air.

In addition, we will also need food. Since plants is the only living beings that can produce food means there will be no life if there is no plants. And under that reasons, plants become one of the key component of ocean life.

3. To ensure the ocean life exist

Key components means that it is some components that is needed to ensure or to support life to happen. If let’s say one day there are no more plants means the ocean life will be faced with scarce resources. What happened in the ocean may also affecting the life in the land.

4. Maintain the ocean food chain

Another importance of primary productivity in ocean is to maintain the food chain to keep spinning and to make it stay in balance.

There are lots of the importance of marine food chain in the ecosystem. Somehow this system is affecting the entire ecosystem since everything is related to one another.

5. Produce and supply oxygen

Plants in the ocean biome is not only producing food but also producing oxygen. Oxygen is also important to support marine life.

Every living beings will need oxygen to breathe. The less oxygen exist in the ecosystem means there will be also less living beings that can survive the condition. And less oxygen means there will be more toxic gases exist in the air such as carbon dioxide.

6. As a habitat for many living being 

When we are talking about plants, surely we know that plants has various size from the small one that even we can’t see by our eyes until the giant one.

Medium to giant plants somehow can provide a habitat for many living beings. For example, kelp population will be a habitat for sea urchin as well as its act as their food.

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7. Supporting coral reef ecosystem life

Ocean coral reef is not a plant even though it looks like one. Basically coral reef is an animal that will need assistance from plant to support its life.

Primary productivity from the plants may help coal reef to get its food and to live longer. To maintain the oral reef population and life is really important due to its importance of coral reefs to environment.

8. Maintaining the ocean water temperature

Ocean plants also affecting the water temperature. And it has become one of the importance of primary productivity in ocean. Another organic product that might be created through the primary productivity is oxygen. And somehow oxygen is also needed beneath the ocean. And surely it will also affecting the ocean water temperature.

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9. Maintaining earth temperature

More than 50% of the earth oxygen is somehow being supplied by ocean plants. And as we all know that the ups and downs of the temperature may be affected by many things. And one of it is the oxygen supply.

So by maintaining the population of ocean plants and make sure that the plants can do the primary productivity means we are also indirectly maintain the temperature of the earth.

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10. Feeds itself

Besides producing food for another living beings, surely plants will do primary productivity to create food for itself. Without this process means plants won’t be able to feed itself and surely going to die. Primary productivity also supporting the life of the plants itself and not only to support another living beings.

11. Preventing toxic environment in the ocean ecosystem

Primary productivity process will also require carbon dioxide besides oxygen during the night. Plants through the primary productivity actually help the environment to maintain nearly all gases in the ocean such as carbon dioxide.

Without plants, means there will be no primary productivity that can help to produce oxygen. If there is no oxygen and there is nothing to do with the carbon dioxide means the ocean will be toxic. All living beings will surely die since carbon can kill them somehow.

12. Maintaining the diversity in the ocean

After all, another importance of primary productivity in ocean is to maintain the diversity in the ocean to still exist. Without the primary productivity process means there will be no food whether it is for the plants or the other living beings.

This also means that the ocean food chain will be altered. And there is a huge possibility that this will affecting the life and food chain in the land. Somehow slowly there will be lots of living beings that lost its food. And the diversity of the living being will slowly decreased due to the scarce resource of food.

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13. Create and pass the energy to another living beings

You surely know that to live and to do all kind of activity we will need energy. Energy can we get from the food that we eat. And primary productivity is a process to create the food.

This also means that primary productivity is creating and passing the energy that it made to another living beings so the living beings that ate it will have the energy and being able to do their activity or to live.

14. Able to protect the marine life from the sunlight exposure

Sunlight exposure sometimes can be really strong. To human, there is a serious problem caused by over direct exposure of sunlight such as skin cancer. If there is so many negative impact of sunlight exposure to human so does it to the ocean plants and animals.

Primary productivity process somehow able to prevent the bad sunlight exposure to the ecosystem and save the living beings somehow.

Because somehow plants will need to absorb some amount of sunlight to help it to produce food or organic compounds. No need a detail explanation on this. You can actually feel it yourself, during the hot days you will feel colder when you take shelter under the big tree.

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15. To grow the plant population

Last one as the importance of primary productivity in ocean is to grow the plant population. We surely agree that plants is one of the important key components to support a life. More plants means living beings life will be supported with food.

The ecosystem will also be maintained in a good condition. This factors somehow will also support the plants back to increase its population. Just because plants can do the primary productivity itself this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need food. It also need it to grow in order to increase its population.

Those are the importance of primary productivity in ocean. Thank you for keep following our website. This also means that you are aware towards the environments.

Hopefully this article can another article that you can find in this website can help you to know more about the environment especially about deep ocean facts.

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