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13 Function Of Seabirds You Must Protect

by Vania

For must people, don’t really know about what is seabirds and and it feels strange in the ears.

So, before any further do -We should introduce what exactly that seabirds is? Seabirds is the types of birds that are strong enough and life around the water.

In General, these seabirds can live longer, slower in the breed, and had a number of children less than with other kinds of birds. In addition, seabirds usually will do annual immigration.

Because life around the waters of the sea-birds, this is usually rare or found only in certain circumstances.

However, seabirds has many functions that not many people know about it. Then, what is that? Here are some of the function of seabirds that can you know.

  1. Encourage productivity and function of coral reefs

The first function of seabirds is encourage productivity and function of coral reefs.

According to some scientists, Seabirds can fly far enough away from the island and they eat from the pelagic ecosystem or or the depths of the sea.

After that, the uses of sea plants for medicines birds will return to the island to roost and breed and when they give you nutrients-rich nutrients that they can from the ocean to the island.

When nutrients are returned to the coral reefs, the content it could encourage productivity, and function of coral reefs.

2. Has a high value

Many people who keep birds then get a profit. Seabirds have a fairly high value because of their species.

There are countless species of birds that have high value. The benefits of keeping the birds can be producing high.

Champion birds can be appreciated tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars. Not impossible to observe the birds into a source of income for their owners.

3. Source of inspiration

One type of Bird i.e. sea bird Albatross. Albatross found widely in the Southern types of Ocean current and the North Pacific.

Albatross birds flying capabilities provide inspiration for designing advanced aircraft able to fly efficiently.

With the method of flying dynamic soared, birds have a wingspan 3.7 meters is able to fly thousands of kilometers without flapping their wings at all. Then, it’s no wonder that Albatross aviation expert was crowned as efficiently. Proven by several different types of aircraft such as the boeing and airbus are implementing this system.

By applying a flying bird way to design and develop a model of the wings of the aircraft as well as generate more positive sensor against the wind.

4. Help for natural disaster prediction

As in the tsunami in Aceh, seen many sea birds flying towards the coast and headed for the Mainland. In addition, the sea birds are also sensitive to changes in the airwaves that will cause a storm.

In this way, some of the creatures living on the mainland including humans, can be helped by predictions of sea birds on the environment around them.

Seabirds are also sensitive to the airwaves due to volcanoes, or water waves due to the earthquake. This is very helpful because seabirds give the mark with flying hordes.

5. Help save the environment

Many say that by saving the environment means we can save migrant birds. Because their future is our future.

Because birds, especially seabirds, are important habitats that can help us as a society of men in safeguarding the environment. Be it environment at sea or on land.

In addition, when we damage the environment of the place of residence of the bird, the bird can do the same for destroyers.

Especially sea birds, which easily become extinct when the waters of the polluted due to human behavior. Seabirds will also manage all the trash that makes sea polluted.

6. To protect the sea from pollution

Sea birds can do everything to protect the habitat and residence. Including regional waters.

Nowadays, seas, rivers, and even the Lake is polluted by garbage and causes of pollution in the sea caused by human hands.

As in the Bay of Jakarta, pollution comes from domestic and industrial waste.

The garbage that comes from the settlement on the Mainland of the island are also still being dumped directly into the sea.

Seabirds will Digest including plastic waste, and protecting the surrounding environment.

However, doing so will damage the entire body of seabirds because plastic waste can not Digest. Thus, damage the sea will also damage the animals who live nearby.

In addition to the six functions of the oceans of seabirds that have been outlined above, As for some other function that needs to be known about the sea birds of various types and species. As below:

  • For Muri: This bird usually can help you relieve stress. This is evidenced by the sound of Muri, which is beautiful – the sound will make the nerves become more calm and creating an atmosphere of peace. Just like doing meditation or yoga.
  • Just like a goose, The goose is very useful for the health of your body. With the goose meat eating, your body will increase the amount of protein, iron and calcium. The goose is also good for adding to stamina in the body, a source of nutrients, energy sources, and help maintain the stability of the immune system.
  • Gulls are also beneficial for health. Gulls bobbing-Brown is one of seabirds that good for health. like a healthy heart, keep the stability of the immune system, help grow flower child, adjust the levels of red blood cells, and others.
  • Sea birds in general are also great for beauty. This is because when we eat the flesh of the sea birds, will help keep you in living a diet program. Because usually the meat does not contain fats. However, consuming in excess will increase the levels of Cholesterol inside the body.
  •  Sea birds, have fur that can protect it from heat, cold, and ultraviolet rays. It’s what makes sea birds can survive in a variety of weather and season. So, sea birds sometimes indirectly serves as ‘ lifeguard’.
  • Seabirds can help control pests around it, so that it can keep the place free from small particles. In addition, seabirds can help control pests around it, so that it can keep the place free from small particles. Seabirds also helps the human work in tackling the pests in the garden or in the fields for farming and planting other plants.
  • Birds are often important for the island’s ecology. As in New Zealand, Kereru and Kokako, is an important browser, or animals that eat or bite leaves, young shoots, or vegetation and others. Seabirds can also add nutrients to the soil and water with their guano production, their shit.

Thus, function of seabirds that you must know. It is very necessary that you know the importance of keeping the sea birds and preserve the animal.

As well as not to pollute the marine environment and land environment. Hopefuly this article will be useful.

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