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15 Effects of Ocean Waves On Shorelines

by Ayu Mesdya

The ocean waves that lead to the beach is considered to be a tourist attraction. However, some people may do not know how is the danger of ocean waves. There are such times when the ocean waves will appear bigger and it is very dangerous. Below here are the  15 effects of ocean waves on shorelines.

1. The earthquake that centered under the sea

One factor of the occurrence of the large waves in the sea (tsunami), due to an earthquake that centered under the sea. The earthquakes cause the fractures on the plate to rise and fall. The existence of this earthquake also causes disrupted the balance of seawater so that the energy of the seawater (waves) move towards to the shorelines. Read more about Importance of Ocean Gyres

However there are not all of the earthquakes that centered under the sea cause of the tsunami. There are need to be another factor to cause the tsunami such as the magnitude of the earthquake.

2. The volcanic eruption under the ocean

There is not only on the mainland there is a volcano, the under the sea also have a volcano. Volcanoes in the ocean can erupt at any time. Some researchers have found that the discovery of underwater volcanic has the same activity as on the mainland.

These volcanoes are scattered throughout in the ocean. These volcanoes can erupt at any time and they have great potential to cause natural phenomena such as tsunami waves. Read more about Interesting Facts of Ocean Pollution

3. Damage in everywhere

When the tsunami waves come and sweep the shorelines area it will happen damage in everywhere. The great waves caused by this tsunami can sweep across the entire land through the area.

There is not only in the coastal area alone, this large sweep of these waves can sweep up to hundreds of kilometers away. All the buildings near to the surrounding area of the population can also be affected by the tsunami waves.

4. The loss of material

The greatest disadvantage when the tsunami comes is a material loss. All the buildings such as the people’s houses, the farms, the fishers, the plantations and all the facilities in that region will be broken, collapsed, and all the things that valuables will be lost. Read more about Effects of Radiation on Ocean Life

The damage and loss in the form of this material will also disrupt of economic activity in a region. All economic activities will be temporarily paralyzed due to the tsunami disaster.

5. Hamper in any activity

The existence of this tsunami disaster will hamper all of the human activities. All the buildings were collapsed and damaged. So, to recover it all the collapsed and damaged buildings this will take a lot of time.

After the tsunami disaster, the economic activity was temporarily paralyzed. This is what makes the recovery in the region is running slow.

To restore it, it will take at least 1 to 2 years. Finally, the situation in the region of the country will be good and normal again.

6. The lost of creatures life

In addition to all the buildings that collapsed, this terrible disaster also brought the victims. Do you remember about the disaster of the tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia? Thousands of victims have died, and also many of the people were swept and missing. It is said that many of them lost their family or relatives.

Looking back is very painful, right? There are not only humans are dead, all of the marine creatures also died. There are no more fishes that live.

7. The loos of spiritual

The impact of natural disasters is not only harmed the material but there is also the psychology of a person or commonly called spiritual. Loss of the family members, whether father, mother, or relative will be traumatized.

Trauma is not only experienced by children but teenagers, adults to old parents can also experience in it.

The trauma arises because of the impact of emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual disorders. Treating this trauma also takes many of time, some people like therapists or even other psychologists can help heal their wounds. Read more about Main Elements in Ocean Water

8. The number of diseases

After the tsunami disaster, there are many diseases popping up everywhere. This is because the muddy soil was discovered after the tsunami.

Actually, we find many dirty objects soaked in mud. In addition, the bodies of living beings are also mixed in this environment, the unhealthy environment. In addition to the environment, the clean water is also contaminated with the mud.

If the clean water consumed by the humans, it will certainly cause illness. Evacuation settlements or disaster posts are also threatened by unhealthy environments due to poor of health facilities.

9. Preserve of the mangrove forests

To keep our earth as human we must preserve it to minimize the disaster that will happen. One of the activities we can do is to conserve mangrove forests. With the existence of mangrove forest, it will minimize the ocean waves to abrasion.

The mangrove forest is a lifeguard for the beach. Mangrove forests also have the other functions that become in the habitat of some marine animals and some living things that live on the coast and the shorelines. The mangrove forests are used by some fish to raise their children and protect them from the other predators.

10. Preserving of coral reefs

Although the number of coral reefs is not much as it usually, but we still have time to plant it again. With the intention and effort to preserve the coral reefs, we can certainly to save the coast and the ecosystem in the sea. Coral reefs are a home to some living fish.

With the many numbers of coral reefs, the balance of the marine ecosystem will be maintained. The other benefits are also felt by humans, such as fishermen to catch the fishes. The coral reefs are also able to reduce the energy of the wave that leads to the shorelines.

This reduced energy will then be minimized again by the mangrove forests on the coastal area. Read more about importance of decomposers in the ocean

11. The change of mangrove forest  into the residential areas

In fact, the mangrove forests used as a place of residential development, tourist sites, and even fish ponds. Any change of land use will actually harm the human itself. If there are already regulations in development in the area why should be violated?

Why use mangroves for residential development or other buildings? At least, if there is development in the mangrove forest area. The people should replant the mangrove forests to prevent the occurrence of large ocean waves or abrasion in coastal areas.Public awareness is the most important to preserve the surrounding nature.

12. The wastes on the shorelines

The wastes are the greatest enemy of the environment, also the environment of the beach. The waste in the beach area should be managed better. Separate organic and non-organic waste. If there is the recyclable waste, such as plastic or packaged packaging we can also use it back into items such as shopping bags.

Both the government and private companies also have rules in waste management. If the rules in waste management already exist, we must keep our living consciousness as a human being. It is just how to care about the natural surroundings, right?

13. Education and learning about the ocean waves

All of the communities need to know the information about the tsunami signs, causes, or the tsunami traits. The searching information can be done with the counseling both from the government and from the various sources including in the internet and electronic media.

This education and learning can help us to stay alert and be able to take appropriate action against to this tsunami wave.

Here are the following signs of a tsunami that must be aware of, such as the occurrence of an earthquake under the sea, the sea water receding suddenly, there are some unusual natural signs, and the sound of roar from the ocean.

14. The warning system of ocean waves

Some coastal areas that prone to tsunamis have now been given a warning system. This warning system is designed to detect, to determine the location and the magnitude of potential tsunamis that will arise from the earthquakes.

This warning system is known as the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation Systems (IOTWS). The IOTWS system will directly provide warning-related information to communities likely to be affected by the tsunami.

This warning information is usually disseminated through electronic and internet media. Although the warning system is already using advanced technology, there are some obstacles are still faced. Every tsunami-threatened area needs to be developed to its own evacuation plan. The evacuation plan is obliged to be introduced to the community.

In order for when disaster strikes, all the people that live near the shorelines as well not. They will understand how to seek protection when the tsunami comes.

15. The mapping of tsunami-prone areas

The mapping of tsunami-prone areas usually begins with the preparation of disaster-prone maps. This map serves to describe the vulnerability of a region to the tsunami that will occur. Some parameters needed in preparing disaster-prone maps include; depth of earthquake, the magnitude of the earthquake, a distance of an area with an earthquake, high coastal area and natural belt of tsunami prevention like mangrove tree.

After the mapping has been done with the place, it will automatically appear some point some place of evacuation after the tsunami disaster. In preparing the post on a critical disaster to provide medical teams and officers team to always be ready in the places that have been provided.

Hopefully, with knowledge of the impact of ocean waves or, it called tsunamis. This post can increase our knowledge. Several solutions and preparations can be made to prevent the tsunami. As in the above description of the 15 effects of ocean waves on the shorelines. Read more about Effects of Radioactive Waste in Ocean

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