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17 Effects of Ocean Pollution On Tourism

by Ayu Mesdya

The 17 effects of pollution on tourism, pollution is around us, every day and every time we see and feel it. But no one knows how the harmful of the pollution it is.

Pollution in the ocean at least 90 percents cause by tourism. The effects of pollution on tourism could affect all the habitat both on land and the ocean. Furthermore, below the following here are 17 effects of pollution on tourism.

  1. The overuses water resource

Hotels, golf course, swimming pools even water park are the tourism industry that always overuses the water resource. In fact, every tourism industry always needs more than hundreds of liters of fresh waters a day. If the overuses water resource continues, there will not be fresh water anymore.

Besides every the water resource that has been used by the tourism industry, it contains pollution, such as, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, even herbicides.  See also Effects of Ocean Pollution on Marine Plants

2. The increases of construction for tourism

Well, now every beach that you see there are several constructions of tourism industry built on the beach area. Many hotels, restaurant, and even water park are built on this beach area.

You know, this increasing construction of tourism industry has several bad impacts, exactly on the ocean. Many wastes and pollution polluted the ocean. The ecosystems around the beach become worse.

3. Transportation in all overworlds

The increasing of transportation in all words, they have bad impacts on the ocean too. The cruise ship is one of the luxury water transportation, this transportation has lots of pollution to the ocean. Air pollution, water pollution, lots of waste and even the noise pollution.

What is the noise pollution? Cruise ship horns have very large sound power. This superpower sound is not accepted by the hearing of marine mammals; like whales, to dolphins. The cruise ship horns can make the marine mammals loss of their hearing. That is why cruise ship horn one of the type of the pollution.

4. A great deal of waste

In just one day of tourist activities, they can bring more than a thousand wastes to the ocean. This disposal of wastes really serious problem.

The disposal wastes that throw in a river must be through off the ocean. The effects of this pollution are not affecting the ecosystem both on the beach or ecosystems only. People will be affected by the worse effect, some of the diseases will affect human.

5. Unresponsible industries

It is not all tourism industries are eco-friendly. Most of the tourism industries are unresponsible, they just throw the wastes away into the river.

We know, that the effects of pollution on tourism is worse. It may affect our health. Recycle on the plastic wastes is the best solution to reduce the wastes on the earth. Read more about ocean pollution on Social Effects of Ocean Pollution

6. Erosion of the local ecosystem

Erosion may be caused by the wastes, how comes? Many of wastes and other pollution that enters in the ocean makes the coral reefs affected. Day by day coral reefs that affected by the pollution, that coral will be bleach and it dies.

The die of this coral reefs makes erosion happen. There is no more forest in the ocean, so when a large ocean waves come, the ocean waves just ran away. It is no silencer no forest could block the ocean waves.

7. Destruction of habitat

Pollution that caused by tourism industries it could affect the destruction of habitat, whether the habitat in the ocean or on the land.

Global warming is an example, what factors cause global warming? The construction of tourism industries, like the hotel. The hotel uses many of glasses to beauty itself. However, this glass and the air pollution that is a trap in the atmosphere.

This can cause a destruction of habitat. The researchers report that the coral reefs experiencing a drastic decline every year. The Great Barrier Reefs, Australia now the half of coral reefs are threatened.

8. There is no direct sunlight of a body of water

Pollution is everywhere, most of the river has a darker color. The body of water that polluted by pollution is the great place for the growth of water hyacinth. Water hyacinth is one of the plants that grow in the body of water that contains nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium.

This plant able to adapt to the extreme climate. However, the existence of this plant is very disturbing few of fishes that live in the river. There is no direct sunlight in the river. No sunlight in the water, it means no food for the fishes.

The biodiversity of the ocean needs oxygen as possible as in the land. This oxygen is used to breathing. The main source of oxygen comes from the result of photosynthesis.

However, in facts, the decrease of oxygen in the ocean always happen per year. It causes the extreme of climate change. What are the causes of weather changes? Once again global warming, human still uses fossil fuels for their needed (include the tourism industry). This emission pollution could change the weather being hotter than usual.

9. The largest contributor to pollution

Plastic wastes are the largest contributor to pollution on earth. This nonorganic wastes still used all over the world. Just some people recycle this nonorganic wastes to benefit things. Plastic wastes have lots of harmful chemicals.

When a fish eat this plastic waste, then the fish eaten by us, as tourism. No longer time, we will affect some disease, such as poisoned, allergic and even cancer.

10. Pollution can kill us

Pollution can kill us, yes it does. Smoke released by motorized vehicles including ships, these toxic gases can kill slowly. According to scientists, only one motorized vehicle can emit about tens of millions of tons of nitrogen oxide gas emissions.

If this toxic gas is inhaled by living things, including humans. It can damage the lung tissue and interfere with the respiratory tract. Besides, if this toxic gases mixed with the water, it can kill some of the fishes that live there.

11. Pollution does to our body

The high level of human mobility along with the destruction of the environment. Without realizing it this is a result of human activity itself. Various tourism industries, for example, a hotel in a day how much waste is released?

If only one day can collect a thousand plastic wastes, how will it affect the environment? Some diseases can arise due to pollution of water pollution. Polluted rivers can cause a person to experience disease by bacteria, such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, it even vertigo.

12. No more pure soil

Soil is a source of life other than the ocean. Soil pollution also occurs in almost all regions (especially in industrial areas). This polluted soil can affect the sea. How can? Agricultural waste.

Chemical fertilizers that are used as pest killers when used excessively, soil conditions will slowly become acidic and greatly affect plant productivity. Besides, plants that are given pesticides and then mixed with rainwater and wind, this can have a negative impact on the ocean, one of them it will happen unbalanced of the ocean ecology

13. Conserve the energy

There are many ways you can do to save energy. To do this, we must first change our habits. Like the following examples; from the simplest thing just turn off the lights or other electronic equipment when you don’t need it.

Second, when you turn on the water tap, try to use it as needed. Don’t let the water flow just like that when you brush your teeth or wash your face. Finally, replace the lamp that has a small wattage. Using a small power bulb can save some energy.

14. Change your lifestyle

It must be do by all people, change your lifestyle. If every time you go to the office using a private vehicle such as a car, try going to the office using a bicycle or taking a public vehicle.

This can reduce existing air pollution. It could also be this way, if you will go to a place that is not too far away, then avoid using motorized vehicles. It will be healthier if you walk or use a bicycle as an alternative.

15. The new energy resource

Now it has been found in many countries in several renewable energy sources. Like solar power, solar power is energy that uses sunlight to produce electricity. By using this renewable energy, the earth will be safe from pollution.

However, this renewable energy is not fully used by everyone. Only a few regions with tropical climate (more) can use it. However, there are several large countries such as Europe and America using ocean waves as renewable energy. Just like solar power, this can produce electricity that is eco friendly.

16. Recycling material that you find

Plastic waste is an inorganic waste that cannot be decomposed. It would be good for industrial tourism such as hotels and restaurants to be able to sort and process their waste properly. Plastic waste is the king of all waste, almost all packs of packaging use plastic media.

There are many ways to turn plastic waste into things that are worth selling. Crafts from plastic waste, many people use plastic waste to be transformed into beautiful handicrafts, such as; shopping bags, wall hangings, bags, and wallets.

This is an alternative container that can be used by humans and this can also help reduce abundant waste.

Hopefully, the 17 effects of pollution on tourism above can useful for us, as human. We can save our ocean, our earth with doing something healthy. A healthy environment will be good for a human too. Just be wise to used anything.

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