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13 Effects of Ocean Acidification on Aquatic Organisms

by Rini

There are many factors that can cause damage to the life on the sea and threaten the life of the ecosystem inside. An example is the pollution from oil that spills and contaminates the condition of sea water.

The impact of it is that the substances contained in the mineral can slowly kill many of the biota in it. The life of reefs and fish will die, that’s just one example due to oil pollution in the ocean. Hence causes of subsurface ocean currents you must know.

Apart from destroying the lives of the oceans, pollution can also affect fish caught by fishermen as human consumption. The acid content will be carried in the body of the fish.

When the fishes are consumed by human , human’s body will be contaminated by the acid carried by the fish if the fish is not cooked and cleaned thoroughly Therefore, we should know the effects of ocean acidification on aquatic organisms like the example below:

1. Ocean Pollution

One of the impact as a result of pollution from ocean acidification is polluting the sea itself. Of course, this cannot be left alone for a long time, due to the bad damage of the ocean, it can also be dangerous for animals in the sea and also on land.

Not to mention human life which also relies on marine products will be disrupted. Fish poisoned by acids can slow down reproduction, which will cause the decreasing number of fishes consumed by humans in the future. This has become a big risk and cannot be left alone. Read also the causes of ocean heat content from global warming.

2. Extinction of the Marine Biota

Next to the effects of ocean acidification on aquatic organisms is that they can endanger the population of all types of biota in the ocean. Starting from plant biota, fish, coral reefs as well as plankton.

Gradually the impact of acidity on sea water is increasing, causing the danger to marine biota. This triggers a declining population, including large biota such as sharks, rays, dolphins, whales and so on. Moreover they are the main animals in the chain of marine ecosystems.

3. Toxic Ocean Ecosystems

If acidic substances have polluted the oceans in large quantities, automatically it could make the sea poisonous to all inhabitants of the ocean. Damage will occur not only at sea level but also for the sea inside. The contents of toxins from acid can kill animals, coral reefs and other animals, disrupt the reproduction of the oceans and inhibit animal’s growth naturally.

Changes in seawater to high acid make a lot of population in the sea to decline, this condition can happen a lot if acidification is not immediately addressed properly. Damage to the sea which will be increasingly dangerous and cause natural disasters befall if left unchecked. Find out the causes of ocean habitat loss.

4. Damage to Coral Reefs

Acidification that occurs also affects the natural growth of coral reefs. The corals will become polluted, the population dies and disappears slowly. While many fishes in the sea depend on coral reefs. Imagine if the coral reefs were damaged, how can fish and other biota survive in a long time.

Some of the coral reef population has begun to become extinct, moreover to the pollution caused by acid, the damage will be worsen. In fact, it could be because the high acidity level, coral reef would be difficult to grow back. This takes a long time to improve the condition.

5. Cause Global Climate Change

The effects of ocean acidification on other aquatic organisms can lead to significant natural changes. For example storms and extreme climates could happen due to very high acidification. Acidic substances that enter from the atmosphere into the ocean through media connecting the exchange of gases between the sea and the atmosphere. Effects causes of mercury in the ocean you should avoid.

Through bubbles of water formed by the waves. It can cause changes to the natural conditions on the sea. This massive acid absorption is part of the cause of climate change and afterward it could cause changes in the chemical structure of seawater. As a result, natural disasters will often hit the land. If it’s not handled properly, the condition of sea water and storms will always be high and keep increasing.

6. Causing Changes in the Chemical Structure of the Ocean

This CO2 absorption can also cause an increase in ocean acidity. At the current emission level, the acidity of seawater will decrease and even if it increases. So it is likely that in the coming year sea acidity can be expected to increase far greater.

Therefore how important it is to maintain levels and pollution due to acidification of seawater is far from abnormal. Do not let such conditions become more severe, the worse the chemical structure of the sea is damaged, the impact of the disaster will also hit humans at this time and in the coming year.

7. Causing the Ph of the Ocean to Decline

Next effects of ocean acidification on other aquatic organisms is reducing the pH level in the sea. Of course, if this happens, the pH balance will be damaged, for Ph sea water is very important because it is related to the problem of the survival of all animals and another biota.

It is estimated that if the condition of the sea PH keep decreasing, then the possibility of pollution will increase in the coming year. It will probably cause natural disaster, such as climate change, extreme weather and so on. Hence the use of carbon in the ocean you need to know.

8. Causes Hearing Damage to Mammals in the Sea

Other adverse effects resulting from acidification of seawater are damaging the hearing of mammals in the sea. One of the largest mammals, whales, which always depended on its hearing will face conflicts if the hearing of the animal is damaged, it can be a disaster to them. Mammals will be stranded because they cannot hear the direction of other herds.

So it will be easy for the whales to get lost to shallow waters. This certainly can reduce the animal population, increasingly able to make whale carcasses found on the beach. The longer it will certainly get worse, the life of the pope will be a step and become extinct.

9. Extreme Weather Changes

Other consequences of the effects of ocean acidification on other aquatic organisms are weather changes. As a result of this, natural disasters will become a disaster for the survival of humans on land. Climate change that occurs in the present to the future certainly can be an obstacle in life on the sea and also on land.

As a result of the effects of excessive acidification, the pH level decreases, the damage to animals and other living things in the sea is also threatened with extinction. Furthermore, climate change can occur from these effects. The effects of causes of Hypoxia in Ocean you should know.

10. Animal Growth in the Sea Will Be Decreasing

Another impact is the growth of living creatures in the sea. The population is declining, unhealthy developments in marine biota have reached extinction. Because the acidity of seawater makes it difficult for animals to live, let alone develop. Of course, animal eggs in the sea will also become damaged and just die.

Severity is added if this pollution occurs for a long time and there are no precautions. Natural assets will certainly perish, then the life of the marine ecosystem will become unbalanced.

Apart from the above regarding the effects of ocean acidification on other aquatic organisms that can be identified are the following:

  • Increasing acidification that occurs in the sea, it can have an impact on biological and chemical processes for coral reefs and other animals will begin to be disrupted “for examples such as metabolic activity and reproduction.
  • If this continues, the most likely damage to the contents of the ocean will be even worse, in addition to damaging other large animal populations that are the key to the food chain at sea. The impact will damage nature and the natural balance will be disrupted, especially in the sea. The causes of deep ocean trenches not most of the people Know.
  • Indirectly but surely, high acidification will ensure natural disasters. Human survival will also be threatened, because in addition to the needs of the damaged natural environment and not properly guarded, it will become a major disaster in the future, this has an impact on the survival of future generations.

Those are the effects of ocean acidification on aquatic organisms. Thus, it is fitting that we have a responsibility to keep the sea free from pollution. The importance of the role of the government to crack down on perpetrators of pollution. Hopefully, this article becomes a benefit for you.

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