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25 Beneficial Economic Uses of Ocean

by Fitriani

The ocean is a huge ecosystem in the world. It creates the perfect environment for many aquatic plants and animals. There are so many things that the ocean can offer to the world. Humans know this and take the opportunity to study the living things in the ocean. As a result, most of the ocean resources are put to good use by humans. Most importantly, they help humans to have decent life too. Here are the 25 Economic Uses of Ocean that have been helping humans in their daily lives.

1. Salt Production

The salinity in ocean water is a very useful characteristic not only for marine creatures but also for humans. Due to their salty nature, we can convert them to the kind of salt that we can consume. As of now, we are able to give flavours to our food from the salt. Moreover, people also receive jobs and income from the salt production.

2. Sponges

Sponges in the ocean play a crucial part in the ecosystem. But they also provide many things for humans. Sea sponges are often sold for bathing purposes. Moreover, people can also use them for making arts due to their interesting texture. The sponges are also helpful in creating new medicines that can help save many lives.

3. Fishing Industries

The ocean provides a good prospect for fishing industries. People from all over the world demand fish all the time. As a result, the industries are flourishing. There are many fish and other creatures that the industries can collect. Through this, they gain income but also provide nutritious food for the people in the world.

4. Cruises

People love vacation and a good way to spend it is through ship cruises. People can enjoy the waves and the overall environment that the ocean can offer. Moreover, they can also travel to different countries and cities. All that thanks to the ocean.

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5. Medicines

Researchers and scientists are always on the move on to creating new medicines to help cure diseases. The ocean offers many components for these medicines. Without them, the human population would still be suffering from many illnesses. The big pharmacies need the ocean so that they can continue to improve their medicines.

6. Shipping

There are many ways that a package can get shipped so that it can be safely delivered to you. Sometimes, planes are used to carry many packages. Other times, trains are seen as the better choice. However, the ships in the oceans are also useful. They are able to bring a lot of containers of many things that people need. These containers are big and no other transportation method can transport them across the oceans.

7. Seafood Restaurants

Seafood restaurants would definitely need marine plants and animals. Restaurants need those for fulfilling their supply. Without the ocean, these restaurants may no have the ability to offer a wide variety of food choices that many people seem to enjoy so much.

8. Selling Ocean Stones

There are many beautiful types of ocean stones. From these stones, you can learn so much about the nature of the land and the ocean. Many people love to collect these stones by looking them up on the beaches. But some also like to buy them through other people. Ocean stones can help people earn more money but also help them understand the beauty of the ocean.

9. Coral Reefs Tourism

The ocean coral reef is an amazing ecosystem in the ocean. It houses a wide range of colourful, interesting creatures. People often make these coral reefs into tourist sites. Other than providing a good income for the region, it also helps people to care more about the environment.

10. Income from Ocean Souvenirs

People can actually earn money from the things that they found in the ocean or something that imitates the ocean creatures. For example, the people living along the coastal region can sell starfish, small shells or even the sands. People often like to buy those souvenirs due to their interesting shapes and memories.

11. Hotels in Coastal Areas

Since there are usually many tourists or people spending their time away near the ocean, hotels are common in the coastal area. They give good growth into the region because it means that there is more income. Moreover, the hotels can give good view of the ocean which attracts a lot of people.

12. Housing in Coastal Regions

Houses are also becoming more common along the area near the ocean. People demand these houses because they love to live close to the ocean. The houses provide more shelter who do not have a home yet. Other than that, the housing can also increase the economic value in the area.

13. Oil Drilling

The ocean keeps many valuable oil and gases. The oil and gases are useful for humans such as fuel or making products. Industries are chasing after these properties by making offshore drill specially made for extracting oil. It provides more job opportunities and more income to the area.

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More Economic Uses from the Ocean (14-25)

Here are more economic uses that from the ocean that are useful particularly to humans:

  • Mineral Extraction: Extracting coals, platinum, diamonds and copper.
  • Water Sports Tournament: Bring in more tourists.
  • Selling Seaweed: More income for fishermen and seaweed as food for people.
  • Ocean Sightseeing: Attract more people to the area.
  • Recreational Activities: Swimming, sunbathing or wedding by the beaches.
  • Oysters: Expensive delicacy for some people.
  • Pearls: High in value and for jewellery making.
  • Income from Marine Crustaceans: Such as lobsters or crabs.
  • Cables Along the Ocean Water: Provide internet or communication providers.
  • Aquarium Hobby: Selling small marine animals and plants.
  • Fishermen: Give the opportunity for fishermen to have jobs.
  • Sailing Competition: Attract tourism.

The ocean does offer many useful things to humans. However, as the ocean is vulnerable we must also use these resources carefully. What the ocean has given to us, we must give back by not causing any harm to the ocean environment and all of its creatures.

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