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Definition, Process, and Example of Famous Hot Springs in the World

by Bryan Pashian Manalu

hot springsNot all places in this world possess water sources including hot springs. Hot spring is a geothermal water spring or came from the geothermal in this case came from Earth crust, then going up to the ground surface. Not all places have similar hot spring, so there are some types or variations of hot springs based on size, volume up to water temperature, is the temperature hot or warm.

Hot spring also can be defined as a water spring that came from or produced by the discharge of groundwater from Earth crust that experiences geothermally heating previously. Usually, the discharged groundwater has temperature above normal temperature of human body which is 37 degrees Celsius, but, it is not uncommon that there are some hot springs have temperature above water boiling point. Hot springs aren’t only found in land, but also can be found in seabed or in the depth of oceans. This can happen because there are volcanoes under the ocean.

Because of the temperature of hot springs is quite high, so it can melt same rocks around it and make the hot springs contain high composition of minerals such as sulphur, calcium, radium and  other minerals. These minerals is one of the abiotic components. Therefore, the ability of water tot dissolve some substances is one of the properties of water. Although the water that produced is hot, it turns out that some hot springs have safe temperature to use for soak in the springs by some people. It’s not surprisingly that there are many hot springs used as recreational facilities or health therapy because of the mineral contents that found in the hot springs.

The Formation Process of Hot Springs

If examined by its formation process, hot springs can be divided into two types which are springs that came from non gravitational force and springs that came from gravitational force. Hot springs that produced by non gravitational force can be crevice springs, warm springs, volcanic springs, and hot springs itself. Generally, the formation of hot springs occur when there are rainfalls or groundwaters that experience heating process by magma beneath the Earth surface. The existence of gap or fracture cause the water enters the inside of Earth up to Earth’s mantle layer. In this area the water experiences heating process when it touches hot rocks.

In addition, the existence of pressure from the Earth causes the hot water to move up through the gap and fracture. The produced pressure isn’t small, this also affects the speed and distance of the flowing hot water. Usually, the discharged hot springs are located nearby volcanoes area.

For hot springs that located in volcanoes area usually experience heating by magma. So, the produced water is so hot and high pressure, even it can shoot out to the surface and better known as geyser. However, if the water has reached to the surface, it only takes form of steam that called fumaroles. While if the hot springs came out mixed with mud or clay, then the area is called as hot mud pool. Sometimes color, smell and efficacy of hot springs can be different from one to another in each place, this caused by the mineral contents that found in the hot springs itself.

The Uses of Hot Springs

As already stated above that the hot springs are widely used for as recreational sites. This related to the mineral contents that found in the hot springs, which are so high and some people believe that the mineral contents can cure some skin disease and respiratory such as asthma. In Japan, hot springs are better known as onsen. The onsen word itself referring to hot springs and bath by using hot water that came from the Earth. So, it’s not surprisingly at all if the hot springs or onsen are build lodgment around it which is called onsen yado. Therefore, the tourism has a bad side such a pollution, so the cleanliness of the tourist attraction must be maintained. So. there are no effects of pollution because of tourism, as already occurs in the ocean pollution on tourism.

Famous Hot Springs in the World

For some countries that possess volcanoes, indeed the countries have hot springs, including Indonesia. Some of the hot springs are made as tourist attraction that deserved to be visited if you come to the country because of the scenery around the hot spring. Well, these are the famous hot springs in the world.

1. Myvatn

Iceland has a pretty hot spring called Blue Lagoon. Every year this place is visited by foreign tourists. Around Myvatn or exactly in Nature Baths has not too high temperature compared to Blue Lagoon. It’s not surprisingly that there are many people take a bath in this hot spring.

2. Pamukkale

This hot spring is located in Turkey and it has a unique scenery which is steps form, similar to the rice fields in Bali. The other name of this place is Cloud Castle because this place has white color with blue water. When sunset, the water in this hot spring will turn into purplish pink in color. It’s not surprisingly there are many tourists come to this place to take a bath and pictures while visiting this place.

3. The Grand Prismatic

Who doesn’t know the Yellowstone National Park in America. This place also known as the greatest caldera in the world. No wonder if this place found so many hot springs. But, don’t ever try to take a bath in these hot springs, aside from high temperature, the acid contents in these hot springs can make all living creatures will die when throw into the hot springs. But, the beauty of Yellowstone can’t be missed by anyone who visited this place.

4. Blood Pond

In Japan, there is a hot spring  that produce red colored water similar to blood. So, no wonder this hot spring is called as Blood Pond. The red color due to high iron content in the hot water. Many tourists prefer to take pictures of the red water rather than take bath in the hot spring.

5. Deception Island

Antarctica has active volcano till this day. In this coldest place of the world turns out possess natural hot spring. Deception island is located in South Shetland island and is a caldera of active volcano. This hot spring has temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit and surrounded by beautiful scenery which is glacier.

Those are some informations about definition, process, and example of famous hot springs in the world. Hopefully these informations are useful for you.

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