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Characteristics of the Beach According to Experts

by Widiya

Indonesia is an archipelago that has a very long coastline. Overall, the coastline owned by Indonesia is 81,000 km, making it the longest coastline in the world. And for along the coastline, there is a narrow area with natural resources that can be utilized by humans known as coastal names.

The beach is the boundary between the edge of the land and the ocean which is affected by tidal waves of sea water. The shape of the coastline will change continuously because it is influenced by wind, waves and ocean currents. On this occasion, we will discuss the understanding and characteristics of the coast according to experts.

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Understanding Beaches According to Some Experts

The following is an understanding of the beach according to some experts:

  • According to Sandy (1996)

The beach is the face of the Earth consisting of imaginary lines where land and water meet. And from the lowest average sea level to the highest water level.

  • Physiological Definition of Coast

The coast is still affected by the occurrence of tides. And the width is determined by the slope of the coast and the sea floor by being formed by clay deposits until the sand is loose and sometimes the material is in the form of gravel.

  • According to Bird (1984)

Beach can be defined as a meeting between land, sea, and air. The three affect each other, which extends to the land directly to the limit of the influence of the sea is still felt.

Some Beach Characteristics According to Experts

Characteristics of the beach according to experts, among others, according to Bird (1984) the beach is divided into three parts, namely:

  1. The beach on the front (foreshore) is the area between tidal up to the tide area.
  2. The backshore beach is the area between the highest tide and the highest area affected by the waves.
  3. Offshore is an area that extends and the tides point to the sea.

According to other experts, coastal characteristics are:

  1. There is a permanent coastline that is also well maintained. The coastline in question is the area or boundary between land and sea.
  2. There is sandy land. This occurs due to the rock ecosystem which causes the soil to have minimal nutrient content. Usually, the soil has large pores and has very good permeability.
  3. Beaches usually have plants that have breath roots that are useful for adapting to muddy tides. Like: Mangrove.
  4. There are shells and pearls, there are also coral reefs
  5. It has a mangrove ecosystem around the coast with its function as a barrier to sea waves that can erode the coast of the coast.
  6. There are also those who suggest that beaches have characteristics of sea animals, waves and of course sea water.

If a conclusion is drawn that coast is a geographical form consisting of sand and found in the coastal area of ​​the sea. This is the boundary between land and sea waters.

In addition to that, coastal characteristics according to some experts were put forward by Bird (1984) which was later divided into three parts, including the foreshore, backshore, and offshore beaches. You can also see the characteristics of the beach above, which certainly has sandy soil, sea water, and even a ship.

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