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6 Characteristics of Mud Swamp

by Reananda Hidayat Permono

Earth is such amazing place for its diversities. Earth’s surface is divided into two; land and water. There are some properties of water that you need to know. Land is used for human living, together with plenty of animals and plants. Whereas the water part is divided into several kinds of oceans, seas, lakes, swamps, etc. On this Earth’s surface, we can also find mud swamp. Swamp is a wetland area with mushy soil base, while mud is considered as mushy soil too. This article will be explaining about mud swamp and its characteristics.

Mud Swamp Definition

Mud swamp is such an interesting subject to be learned. However, before elaborating mud swamp’s characteristics, let’s understand the definition of mud swamp itself. Mud swamp is a wetland that contains a lot of mud. It is easily recognized from its characteristics.

Mud Swamp Characteristics

Mud swamp is one of Earth surface that consists of water. Swamp is a wetland which the water doesn’t flow as a river. It is a place of calm water surface, dense trees, and moist soil. We could easily find swamp animals and plants that rarely seen in flowing water environment. Some of swamp animals are mosquito, snake, and crocodile. While the swamp plants usually have big size, mangrove for instance. It’s called mud swamp because it has high rate of mud inside. To understand it better, these are the 6 characteristics of mud swamp:

  1. High rate of mud

The main characteristic of mud swamp is the high rate of mud inside. There are many kinds of swamp, but not all of them has mud that much. Therefore as its name, mud swamp contains a lot of mud in both its base and surrounding.

  1. Non-flowing water

One of the distinctive characteristic of mud swamp is its non-flowing water. However, a swamp in general also has this characteristic. Swamp is not like river which has long flowing water, the water is steady and calm. This condition causes mushy moist environment with mushy soil. There are groundwater pollution that you need to know.

  1. Moist environment

Moist environment is one of the 6 characteristics of mud swamp. As written earlier, swamp contains soil with moist and mushy characteristics. It happens due to the steady and non-flowing water. Moist environment is a good condition for some plants, especially for those who need a lot of water to survive. On the other hand, this moist environment is also where you could find danger animals for human.

  1. Distinct animals

Mud swamp is such a heaven for some animals who love mud with mushy environment. Swamp animals are generally danger for human, since they are carnivore and poisonous. Some examples of swamp animals are crocodile, snake, various kinds of mosquito and bugs. Besides swamp, there are 5 most dangerous islands in the world.

  1. Specific plants

Besides animals, swamp also has some specific plants, related to the swamp type and location. If the swamp is near the sea, it’s dominated by mangrove plants. Meanwhile for tropical rain forest swamp, the plants are mainly big and evergreen. However, some abiotic components exist in the swamp area.

  1. Acid and brown water

One of the distinctive feature of swamp is the high rate of acid water. Due to its condition, swamp water commonly has brown, even green sometime, color. Therefore it allows animal carcasses to be dissolved quickly. There are some differences between sea water and mountain water.

Those are the 6 characteristics of mud swamp. Many mud swamps exist in Indonesia, although the locations haven’t been confirmed yet. Hopefully our article will be useful for you.

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