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7 Causes of Water Scarcity

by Reananda Hidayat Permono

What are the causes of water scarcity?

Water scarcity is the shortage from the water supply. The water shortage could significantly impact the live and activities of people in that particular area. Apart from that, the water scarcity could also means the difficulties to get clean water access. It could also mean that the water resources are quite far to get.

Some factors are playing important roles for this water scarcity event, such as the climate, overpopulation, and excessive water use. Weather and climate give significant impacts on our life. Around 2,7 billion people in Indonesia could suffer from water scarcity every year.

There are 7 causes of water scarcity in this world.

1. Water Pollution

Water pollution is the main cause of water scarcity in the world. This could also be the cause of the damaged lands, by people or nature. The water pollution could happen due to the dissolved pesticide and fertilizer. There are 7 water pollution sources.

Furthermore, it could also happen because of industrial waste that hasn’t been processed before being thrown away. There are some other factors that cause the water pollution, including oil content and factory waste in the ground.

If this condition happens for such a long time, it would create water scarcity in the future. Therefore, we should avoid some particular activities that can cause this problem. You need to read further about the groundwater pollution.

2. Overpopulation

Besides the water pollution, overpopulation could also cause water scarcity. Moreover, the rapid growth of industry can impact the water ecosystems. Therefore, the existing biodiversity could be disturbed.

When the population becomes larger, they would produce higher water demand. And if the current water supply can not meet the demand, it will create local water shortages, and thus, water scarcity.

3. Excessive Water Use

In such improper amount, unnecessary water use could also lead to water scarcity issue. This action could be one of the biggest problems that we are facing at the moment. People even may not know that they are using water for unnecessary things.

The excessive water use could be possibly applied for plants, animals, or even humans. In some tourism spots, for instance. They are using such abundant amount of water only for recreational purpose. There are some hydrological nature disasters in this world.

4. Farming

Farming could also cause water scarcity, since most of the fresh water in the world is used for farming activities. The interesting part is that more than 60% of water are not properly used due to the inefficient farming and irrigation methods. Furthermore, agricultural waste of pesticide and fertilizer would also cause another environmental problem.

Those components got dissolved into river, then impacting the water ecosystem within. It could affect other organisms around to river since they could not get clean water access.

5. Conflict

Could you ever imagine that conflict could also be one of the causes of water scarcity? Yes, land conflicts could lead to that problem. Some serious land conflicts would give impact to the clean water access for its people. Conflict is also one of the 7 causes of water scarcity.

6. Distance

Until this today, some villages still don’t have access for clean water. They even need to walk more than 15 km to get some fresh water that they need for daily use. Moreover, sometimes their villages also don’t have proper road access. It could make things harder. For this case, the local government need to provide proper water access for the people. There are 3 types of water cycle.

7. Drought

The last cause of water scarcity is due to the drought factor. It possibly happens because of the low rainfall rate for that particular area. It leads to the decreasing underground water supply, then impacting its people.

Each area has their own different condition. Some areas have nearly no access for clean water, but other places endure drought only during dry seasons. It could happen anywhere in the world.

One of the solutions for this particular problem is creating rainmaking (artificial precipitation) above the drought land.

That is the article of the 7 causes of water scarcity. Many thanks for reading.

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