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13 Causes of Mercury in The Ocean You Should Avoid

by Vania

Mercury is a very dangerous chemicals. Dangerous to humans, plants, even at sea creatures.

Mercury called dangerous because they contain metals, toxins, and potentially damaging to the health of your body. Sometimes, the mercury found in the mining area.

However, as the development era, mercury contained in cosmetics. It is of course a potentially damaging to your face.

In addition, mercury is also sometimes found in the sea because of human activity is not responsible.

The mercury will lead to extinction on the creatures of the sea. It needs to be prevented from the beginning to protect the creatures living in the water, soil or air.

Before that, we need to know the causes of mercury in the ocean, so that we can prevent it.

  1.  Coal-fired power plants

One of causes of mercury in the ocean is a Coal-fired power plants. Coal-fired power plants is one of the biggest cause of mercury in the oceans. Why is this so?

Because coal-fired power plants will provide impact directly on the air or air pollution, that will directly impact on the creatures of the sea.

Some researchers say that by reducing the amount of mercury in the atmosphere will have an impact is great for fish in the sea.

2. Gold Mining

The causes of the incidence of mercury in functions of the caribbean sea water can be caused by gold mining.

Gold mining, which performed around the beach or in the sea in depth then enter the processing materials that could potentially spread the mercury in the ocean.

Because the mercury received pressure from the machine for milling or mining equipment that causes the mercury damaged and spread.

3. Tin in the sea

Mining activities at uses of sea plants for medicines are no longer denied. In addition to gold, oil and coal – lead is also found in some water.

This Tin mines, when done will be involved to strengthen mercury or lead binding. This is the one that sometimes humans use mercury with excessive and thus damaging mercury at that.

In doing so, it is not surprising that there are a lot of mercury in sea water and harm the fish.

In addition to fish, thus the man will also have its effects because of lead-contaminated fish is very dangerous when consumed.

Indirectly, such behaviour will continue to be repeated and damaging the environment.

4. Salt content in the sea

Salt content in the tips for boating in the Ocean can also cause mercury in sea water. Because some of the mercury found to contain salt, which are explosives, medicine, to smooth out the poison.

The sea has a high salt levels usually also have mercury content of the same magnitude. However, if the sea water is not used for mining, then mercury is not potentially damaging sea water.

5. The rocks in the sea

Although it sounds strange, some sources say that mercury in use of sea water for concrete preparation water can be found on the rocks on the ocean floor as well as at sea level.

The rocks will be exposed to sea water, sea water and then take or bring the rest of the mercury of the rock back to the middle. Just as the rocks on the ocean floor, which directly make sea water contaminated by mercury, despite the potential danger.

However, usually the fish that live around the stone, has the possibility of contaminated by mercury.

6. The content of mercury in soil

Apparently, in addition to the rocks, soils also contain mercury. Apparently, in addition to the rocks, soils also contain mercury.

Soil contaminated by mercury are usually a result of mining and the absorption of plant waste disposal into the use of sea water for agriculture.

The mercury, then oozes to the surface and the inside of the ground. Especially groundwater in then headed to the beach and sea. That’s why the soil contribute about the dissemination of mercury at sea.

7. Waste detergent

What is the waste of detergent? This waste is waste, mainly from the washer detergent.

This latter is able to replace detergent soap to wash. This is the one that caused the abundance of mercury in the causes of hypoxia in ocean.

Because when the rest of the detergents dumped into the River to the sea, it would be very hard decomposed by microorganisms.

In addition, detergent will close the sea surface and stimulate the growth of water hyacinth. So, this is potentially disturb marine ecosystems.

8. Agricultural waste

In addition, agricultural waste detergent waste also has a role in making mercury in the water. Why is this so? Agricultural waste like the rest of the fertilizer and pesticide will dissolve in the water then flows down to the sea.

In addition, waste fertilizer will hinder the entry of the sun into the ocean and fertilize the water plants. And, this waste can spend the oxygen supply in the water and then make fishes cannot live.

In addition to the above exposure, as for some of the things causes of mercury in sea then potentially damaging marine ecosystems and extinction. Like the causes below:

  • Waste consisting of cosmetics, cosmetic products, soaps and skin bleaching creams containing mercury. Some cosmetic products, such as eye makeup cleanser also contain mercury. That if the waste directly into the sea, will add to the content of mercury in the ocean.
  • Drugs. Pharmaceuticals contributed about mercury in the ocean, through antibiotics, blood pressure cuff, contact lenses, dental amalgam, ear and eye drops, eye ointment, ointments, medicated ambeien red, nebulizer, and thermometer. The rest of the use of these products, usually dumped directly without going through the process of destruction. So, the waste decomposes in the water in a long time.
  • Electronic objects. Objects like this have a lot of mercury content in it. Like batteries, fluorescent lamps, antiques, auto parts or car motor, LCD screen TV and a laptop, and much more. The result is the same, dumped in the form of junkyard yan hard decomposed by microorganisms and polluting the sea water.
  • Air. In addition to the air inhaled by humans, plays an important role against the flow and movement of the water surface. The air is polluted by factory smoke and pollution vehicles, will affect sea level directly.
  • Seafood. Although the seafood comes from the sea as well. Do not cover the possibility of going back to sea through the leftovers. Because marine animals have at least of mercury in the body resulting from the pollution of sea water.

Thus, causes of mercury in the ocean that are so dangerous and need to be avoid. Althought we can not annihilate it, we can reduce mercury levels to keep the environment clean. Hope this article helps you.

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